Thursday, February 16, 2012

Collection of Hauls!

My Sephora order came! I got a moisturizer for the bf and got myself a tokidoki perfume in Adieu. It's a very sweet smell, which I absolutely adore! I have all the mini-sized roller and this one is my favorite, so I decided to order it in full size.
There was a coupon for a Versace perfume which I got because it looked so cute LOL tbh, I don't even know what it smells like but it's so pretty! It's smaller than the size of a nail polish bottle. I also tried the Billionaire Boyfriend perfume and I didn't really like it. I tend to like light, sweet, or fruity sorts of perfume.

I was nearby this food court where I usually get random gachapons if they're cute (Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty...) I usually only get one from each collection, but when I saw these, I just HAD to get them all! I remember Pauline's (omgnoodles) post on her's recently, so it's such a coincidence! Mine are the newer ones with the erasers..I'd much rather get phone charms!
I actually only took 11 tries for all 7 colors :x I honestly think that's pretty good. For extras, I got pink (2), yellow, and red. I gave two of them away to friends. These will be going on display on my bookshelf! :)
I also went to a store and I found a Domo letter pad :) I collect stationary and would occasionally write to penpals, but not so much for the past year because they disappeared on me :T But if I ever saw cute stationary, I wouldn't pass on it :P
I ordered more Swarovski beads.. I got into them around December but never really made much. They're soo cute >__< I think I like buying them more than actually using them LOL

Okayy to end things, I dropped by Walgreens today to look for Sinful colors nail polish because they just came out with a few new colors and they're on sale for 99 cents. Unfortunately that Walgreens doesn't carry them anymore and there were only random ones here and there. 
And to my surprise I found the Essie nail polish that I've searched all over for!! I never thought of looking at Walgreens because I didn't know that they carried Essie, but yay! I also picked up a shimmery red and orange.
Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times!!! | Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar 839 | Sinful Colors Cloud 9 853


  1. the hello kitty's are so cute! i would have bought the whole collection as well xD

  2. Wow! You have quite the collection there! :D The perfume bottle looks so pretty!

  3. Yay for getting the whole gang! & Lucky you for getting them all so fast! I ended up with 20+ extras! Haha. I'm scared to even try to get all of the second series.

    1. I saw another gachapon of them today elsewhere and there I realized that I'm missing a darker green capsule.. and to my luck, I saw it at the bottle, waiting to drop out...then realize the machine was broken because it won't twist :(