Sunday, February 26, 2012

Canada: Ottawa, Ontario

Here's a shorter post :) After Montreal, we went to Ottawa.

Day 3: February 20
 After getting up and checking out, we stopped by a Tim Horton's for coffee. It's like a Dunkin Donuts of Canada...they're at every corner that you turn to! I got a mocha iced cappuccino and it's exactly like a Coolatta.
Then we stopped by Chinatown to get pho for brunch.
We stopped by this shiny jewelry store and I got this ring :) It's sterling silver and only $10 :) It fits my pinky.
Our last stop before leaving Montreal was Yeh!, which is a froyo place. We got a bit of froyo and a strawberry Nutella crepe. Originally we wanted to go to this crepe place outside of where we were staying, but it was closed the entire time D: But this place has both froyo and crepes, score!
It was a relatively far drive and there was traffic and we didn't arrive in Ottawa until late :\ It's another apartment-styled hotel and they had everything we needed :) from utensils to water boiler to a cutting board. Since we ate so much around lunch time, we didn't get hungry until like 10-11PM and we had trouble finding a place that was still open but luckily we found an Italian sorta place :o We ordered pasta yumm :)

Day 4: February 21
 The Chinatown in Ottawa has such a grand gate!
We went to Three King's Restaurant. We ordered this seafood soup thing, which was good. The bf got a seafood w/dried scallop fried rice and I got a curry chicken with rice dish. His was good, but mine was kinda bland. I didn't like it :( We only ate about 1/3 of our food and packed up the rest.
Since the Rideau Canal Skateway that we wanted to go to was closed..we needed new plans! So we just decided to go to malls :o First was the Carlington Shopping Centre.
 We went to the pet store..they're so cute! Those are neon tetra fishes and they glow! I wanted them, but I don't think I would be a good pet owner lol
More coffee from Second Cup. They're like the Starbucks of Canada..I ordered a vanilla Chillatte, which was exactly like a frappuccino. 
Went to the Bayshore mall afterwards. I don't even remember what we were looking for LOL but probably just wanted to go shopping.
We went to another pet store..those puppies were hugging and sleeping AWWW! 
Bought some Butterfly Jasmine and Happy Kumbucha tea :o They're a Canadian brand, but I think they have a store or two in the US.
 Before heading back to our hotel, we stopped by a Chinese supermarket called... -forgot- to pick up some snacks. The Mini 4 are mochi..the packaging is so cute!
We were going to go to this Korean restaurant for dinner, but when we got there around 10:20PM, they said they wouldn't serve us Korean BBQ because they're closing at 11:00PM :( So we went to another place called Korea Palace for our fix of Korean BBQ :D We got the seafood platter and pork tenderloin. The seafood was soo delicious! The pork was meh. 

Well that concludes my stay in Ottawa! :) There wasn't much going on there. There was the Rideau Centre or something like that.. which is like their downtown and it had lots of stores but unfortunately we didn't get to go  :(


  1. Tim Hortons!!! So good! :D All the food looks yummy!

  2. Oh my look at all the delicious looking food you both tried! Looks like you're having a blast!