Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I had a pretty good Valentine's Day this year with the bf :)
He gave me roses in the morning :D I had to lug it to school though and it wouldn't fit in my locker >__< It was just sorta embarrassing to walk around with a huge bouquet of flowers.
As one of our school's fundraising, one of the clubs sold carnations where you send it to each other. 

After this meeting I had, my bf went to Restaurant Dante for our date! :) They had a 'Perfect Date' dinner thing, where it consisted of four courses.
They served us bread in the was plain and cold. 
Smooch: A cute little couple; We both got this shrimp cocktail. Can't really go wrong with it 
Foreplay: pillows and canoodling noodles; Pillows are the was okay because it was very warm. I got the noodles, which didn't taste that bad.
Climax: Italiano and love bird; Bf got the Italiano, which is beef tenderloin. The didn't ask him how he wanted it cooked, but it was way too rare and for some reason half of it had some disgusting taste. He didn't like it. I got love bird, which is a chicken scaloppini. It wasn't bad...but at the very last piece I found hair on it EWWW! The server didn't even do anything about it when we told him about it -___-
Spooning cake for two; The first one didn't taste that good because it was drenched in vodka :\ and the second one was okay except the chocolate they drowned it in was very, very, very bitter so it was kinda gross :\
Before we left, I accidentally elbowed my glass of water and...whooops..
The coat boy gave me a rose before we left :D Which I thought was very sweet. Obviously it was from the restaurant, but still xD

Overall we'd rate this restaurant a 2/5 because the food didn't taste that good and it was very expensive too. They were served in very small portions as nobody did anything about the hair in my food -__- There was a lot of wait time between each course and when the food came out it was warm most of the time....

What the bf got me :)
I've been wanting this Hello Kitty perfume for a while and I always complain to him about it :x Not only is the bottle super cute, but it smells nice too! Not too strong..I haven't worn it yet, but I hope it's something I'll grow onto. When I smelled it again today, I wasn't so sure as to whether it's a keeper or not..but it seemed like it when I first smelled it.

Ughhh tbh, I was actually super unprepared for Valentine's Day so I didn't really do much for my boyfriend :\ He pretty much planned the whole day while I was just there :T I actually had things I wanted to do for him, but none of them worked out, so I promised him like a "Valentine's Day 2.0" on a random day to surprise him, so hope that turns well!


  1. Lol valentines day is gay :D
    he spoils the fuck outta you boo

  2. Aw how sweet of your BF to give you roses first thing in the morning :)

    Oh my it sounds like your dinner was abit of a disaster (i mean the hair...BLEH) and my BF spilled water also but it was at the beginning of dinner.

    I like the HK perfume the bottle is cute and the scent is nice and sweet and super nice of you to plan a vday 2.0 just for him, hope that one is better than your disaster dinner.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I really like the roses, it is so pretty!