Sunday, August 12, 2012

August New York Trip

It feels like it's been a while since I've blogged! Yesterday, I went to New York with a few friends who I went with last year around the same time of the year. 

We took the 8AM bus, but it came early so we took off around 7:45AM. I almost didn't get to go on because I went to go find an ATM and by the time I got back, they just started boarding so I was near the end and two of my friends already got on so we were almost separated -.-;;

We arrived right at 12:00PM and decided to get something to eat. Originally, we were going to get dimsum, but we didn't want to go look for a place, so we settled for whatever was closest. We went to a small restaurant called Canton Kitchen
Pork with thousand year old egg congee

All the smaller dishes, such as the congee from this place was pretty cheap. It was $21 to fill up 4 people. The only thing that I dislike about this restaurant is that right after we got seated, it took 10 minutes for them to take our orders and that was only because we called the person over when we finally made eye contact. Another thing is that they included tips automatically, which is something that I don't think restaurants should be doing. I hope they didn't purposely do it for us because they thought we were young and were just going to leave without tips. 

Next, we went to the Elizabeth Center and by then every store was opened already.
Mini photo frames | Stickers | Planner | Tissues

Only spent $10 on these, so not bad :P The tissues were too cute to pass and they were only 5 for $1 so I split it with a friend. They probably don't even come with that many, but I'll just refill it myself. I'm probably going to use the planner for assignments and stuff. I already use Google Calendars for just normal plans, so at first I wasn't sure if I should get it or not, but it was too cute to pass xD The only problem I have with it is that the cover is (hard) paper.. so the edges and everything will wear out.

We then walked around to get beef jerky. The place on Mulberry St. was all sold out so we had to troop back to the other side on Canal St. for the other place. I only bought half a pound, but at this pound I hope I can finish it :x

Afterwards, we went to look for bubble tea. We went to a place called Vivi Bubble Tea. It was tiny and pretty crowded. The bubble tea was pretty good though and I also ordered takoyaki but that took like 10 minutes to make.

It has these flakes of meat on top of it. The takoyaki itself was like a fish ball with one piece of octopus inside. This is the second time I've tried takoyaki; the first time all I tasted was batter and one piece of not really sure how they normally are.

My aunt calls me and asks me to get her slippers for her friend's kids, but after searching over 10 stores, I found nothing :( Then we looked everywhere for a bathroom, and ended up in the Elizabeth Center again. We went into the purikura shop in the corner of the first floor and found these!! At first we found the individual masks for $1 each then I found the box :O
My Beauty Diary (我的美麗日記) Hello Kitty edition Strawberry Milk and Honey Strawberry $16 (both) | Chocolate Truffle $1
They're so cute I don't even want to open them :(

Scratch tickets.. ugh didn't win anything :( I bought a bingo one and some of the letters/numbers that I scratched out weren't even on the board. Such a troll D:

And to save the best for last... I found Cure Natural Aqua Gel in New York!! I've been looking for it all over, especially whenever I'm in like Asian supermarkets. I've looked all over at Pacific Mall in Canada and even the last time I was in New York to no avail... but finally I found it :)
Cure Natural Aqua Gel $40

It costs roughly the same as online.. and it was always such a splurge to buy it, so I never pulled the trigger. But now that it's actually in front of me, I couldn't hold the temptation any longer. I was a bit skeptical as to whether it was counterfeit or not though..since this is the ONLY store that sells it out of like the 50+ that I've visited, so it's kind of sketchy. I brought this up to my friends, who were also interested in buying it. I admit it was sort of rude, but we don't want to spend $120 on something fake when it comes to skincare. The saleslady at the store told us that they're an authorized seller on the site. I actually looked it up too, but I didn't find anything on Toyo's site. I'll just give them the benefit of doubt xD

So that about concludes my trip :) We stopped by Popeye's for some food and a tea shop called Yaya Tea Garden for more bubble tea. We also got curry fish balls 11 for $2!! Which is way cheaper than I've ever seen. My friend also got an onigiri and it was so delicious!! Wish they were available here :( The downside about this store is that they ran out of the loyalty sorta cards that they stamp. Oh well.

Cotton Candy sunset/small skyline

That's my update for now!! Hope you're all enjoying your summer. I have two weeks left of my internship, so I hope it ends well. 


  1. Hi can you tell me which store you went in NY to buy that CURE aqua gel?? I am looking for that too!

    1. The store is called oo35mm. It's located on 81 Mott St. :)

  2. Hi,
    Could you please tell me where you found the CURE AQUA NATURAL GEL in NEW YORK ?