Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Belated Birthday Package!

Yesterday, when I got home, there was a package on at the doorway, and lo and behold it was for me! It's from a package exchange between my friend and I..which was supposed to happen last year for our birthdays but never did until now ^^;; I just shipped mine out this morning, so I'm just as guilty.
Tadahhh! What could be inside?
Hannari tissue covers!!
Ahhh I love Hannari! It's a Japanese tofu mascot in case you didn't know. It's one of the cutest characters ever and I even have like the cell phone holders on my computer desk :x I'm thinking of bringing these when I move into my dorm, but I don't want them to get dirty so I'm just going to leave them at home and bring the turtle one I'm using now :X
Variety of Cabochon
It's used for like decoden and stuff.. so cute >< But if anything I need more pieces, like flat-backed pearls or rhinestones to make anything. My current phone isn't really the ideal phone for decoden :\ but if I get the new iPhone 5 this fall, then maybe I'll be able to put the cabochon to good use!
Cuff Earrings 
 Mini plushes
 Stationery & Candy
The package was basically filled with star paper haha xD So cute
Deco Tape
Forgot to include this in the last photo, so I took a separate one :)

I hope all of this was eye candy for you because it is to me ^__^ I hope my package isn't disappointing :X I always feel like I'm probably happier with the one I received than my friend with mine :X

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