Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Food Truck Experience!

A few weeks ago I tried my first food truck meal!! I went out with two co-workers to the food truck called Momo Goose get it because he recommended it and said it was really good. Food trucks seem to be around everywhere this summer.. and they're about the same price as if I were to get take out in Chinatown or something though.

Thai Basil Tofu w/rice

It was $5 for a box of this, about the size of a typical take out box. Half of the inside was a regular salad and the rest was the actual food. As far as that goes, I thought it was okay. I prefer my tofu soft, so.. I wasn't a fan of how they cooked it. I mean, I'll probably go back again, but try something else. They even have ramen!! I def want to try that :)

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  1. OMGS! This looks so delicious! : D : D I would love to go to a food truck!