Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just like the title of the post suggests, I've been shopping again. Mainly for clothes and nail polish.. I ordered most of the nail polish, so I'll do a quick haul post when I get them. 

Friday I went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time because a new one just opened up on Thursday. It's basically just like a TJ Maxx or Marshalls to me. There was a lot of clothes that I liked, but I narrowed it down to three items:
Soprano floral peplum top
Daisy and Clover flutter top
I wasn't sure whether or not to get it, but bought it anyways because I wanted to expand my closet. 
Happening in the Present floral peplum skirt

Two randoms that I tried on but didn't get:
 It was either this or the black floral one..I really liked the color but my friend said it didn't go well with my skin tone :(
Oversized gradient sweater
It was a bit too oversized for my taste..and this was an XS or S too. 

The next day, I went shopping with my mom. She's been nagging me about going shopping for a while now, so we finally went. We took a long time at Macy's, so we didn't get to go anywhere else.
 Green with Envy Jacket
I wasn't too sure about this one either because of the detail on the top near the collarbone area. It was also pricey, especially considering it wasn't that warm of a jacket. So my deciding factor was if it rang up cheaper than the tag then I'd purchase it...and it did! 
American Rag pleather jacket
For some reason I really like this jacket. The only thing I didn't like was that the arms were a bit stiff and the jacket is a tad shorter than I would like.
Material Girl floral lace dress
I think this was the first item I picked up and I fell in loveee and so happy it was in my size.
American Rag lace dress
This was probably my favorite item from this post. It's a simple black dress but can be dressed up (to some extent) or down. The downside is that I hate having to pay full price for clothing and this one wasn't on sale.

I feel like half of the clothes are for more dressy occasions.. but that's okay I guess. Just hope I'd have the chance to wear them. Now, I'm so broke x__x

Anyways, until next time!


  1. Lovely haul! I can't see too much of its detail but the Green with Envy coat looks lovely!

    1. I just updated the post with photos that I took in the fitting room that I forgot about.. you can see the details more clearly in that photo ^^

  2. Could do alot with that black lace dress ;) and i wonder what the red flutter top looks like modelled?

    1. I updated the post with a photo I took in the fitting room :)

  3. Great buys! Love the peplum top and skirt. They are both so cute!

  4. Love that first peplum top! You look great :)

    x Gi