Sunday, March 24, 2013

Restaurant Week Lunch

My friend was home for spring break, so we met up for lunch (along with two others.) Originally we were going somewhere else, but things didn't really work out so we decided to take part in Restaurant Week. We went to a restaurant called Eastern Standard and I opted for the three-course meal.
Appetizer: Braised pork shoulder
 Entree: Red curry shrimp
Dessert: S'mores
The portions were okay, a bit on the smaller side, but I enjoyed the food, especially the entree. It seemed like something you'd except from a Thai restaurant though, but I liked how it was pretty spicy. I probably could've skipped the dessert and saved a few bucks because it wasn't really that special and I was kinda full at that point, but oh well. 

After eating, we decided to go watch a movie. Since there was still a lot of time before the next showing, we went to play pool for about an hour then headed over to the theater. We watched Oz the Great and Powerful, which is basically a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. I've only watched the latter as a play once when I was little, so I don't really know the story line all too well. I was pretty tired at that point, so admittedly, I fell asleep for a bit in the beginning of the movie. I liked the movie though, it was pretty funny sometimes too. Kinda makes me want to watch the original. When it was over, we went to grab a bite to eat and then headed our separate ways.

So lately, there hasn't really been much going on. I have two midterms coming up on Wednesday, for statistics and my management course. I need to study lots because I haven't been doing that well this semester :\ 

So, until next time! :)


  1. Three course meals are always nice :) The smores looks interesting, wondering what the blob is?

    1. The s'mores weren't what I was expecting at all! The big blob in the back is ice cream and the brown ones were these graham pieces.

  2. Hihi, couldn't help but laugh :D you fell asleep in the beginning of the movie?? :D my sister wants to see it, but it doesn't seem to interest me so much.. Despite so many celebs are in it ^^

    Food looks delicious and fancy too since it's a bit on the smaller side ^^ I didn't think it was Thai though :D

  3. Wow the food looks awesome! :3

    Hahahha I fall asleep during movies too. You should watch Warm Bodies, I just saw it and it was awesome! No sleeping haha XD

    All the best in your studies! Persevere :)))