Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break '13

Last week was my spring break. I didn't get to go anywhere like a vacation, but it was still nice to relax and not worry that much about going to school and I got to sleep in, so it was nice. Just a small note.."friend" probably refers to a different person every time. 

Here's a recap of my week :)
March -Friday
Saw this view of the sunset.
I still had classes on Friday, but afterwards I just spent it with different friends throughout the day. 

March 9-Saturday
In the morning I had to get everything and leave my dorm before noon. I left around 11:30AM and went to volunteer. I started a month ago, helping people prepare taxes. 
Spicy Calamari with rice from Misono Wok
We went to get food afterwards and then I had to pick up something for work the next day before heading home. I went to bed at like 9:30PM that day..after taking a two hour nap too. I guess I was really tired.

March 10-Sunday
I had work from 9:00AM-5:00PM, but I had some complications in the morning. Afterwards, I had dinner with my friend and her family (+her brother's friend). There was sooo much meat that kept coming for some reason. 

March 11-Monday
In the morning, I did all my financial aid for school. Afterwards I went to the doctors because I've been coughing for two weeks and it didn't seem to be getting better. My doctor said it was bronchitis and she prescribed me an inhaler and antibiotics. First time I ever got bronchitis..and first time taking antibiotics. After picking up the medication at the pharmacy, I went to my friend's house for a small gathering.
My friend's dad ordered us so much food :O There was only the five of us..and we were snacking throughout the afternoon too so we barely finished half of the food. The rest of the time we just watched 200  Pound Beauty and chatted about random things. 

March 12-Tuesday
I slept in until 3:00PM and just relaxed for a bit at home. Then I went to pick up some food and went to visit  my friend's college. I got there pretty late, but basically just hung out with different people and chatted. 

March 13-Wednesday
I stayed over the night before, so I was still there lol. I was supposed to have lunch at noon with a friend but I didn't really wake up for that.. and at 1:00PM my friend brought back noodles.
Stir fried udon
It was okay :O It wasn't even udon rofl..the noodles were flat. At 3:00PM, another friend came, so we went to pick her up and got gelato and coffee on the way back.. 
At 5:00PM we went to get sushi for dinner. It was so overpriced.. it was like $75 for those six rolls. 
After dinner, I left to go to my friend's house.
There, I experienced another first: homemade pho. Looks exactly like what you'd see at a restaurant :O Basically just chatted and relaxed for a while. It got late so my friend's dad gave me a ride home :)

March 14-Thursday
I was supposed to dye my hair today, but my friend ditched, so I just stayed home and read manga.

March 15-Friday
I had dimsum with friends at noon and we then went to the Apple Store because one of them needed to buy a new Macbook. After that we went to Sephora and I picked up a Hello Kitty roller perfume because it was cute and on sale :x Afterwards, some of us separated so my friend and I went to the library for a bit and then I went to CVS and picked up some new polishes. We then went to Nordstrom Rack, which just opened the previous day and I had so many things I tried on, but left with three items, which you can see in [this] post.

We tried the new hazelnut macchiato from Starbucks. It's quite similar to their caramel macchiato. After that,
I went back to my friend's campus with her because I promised someone else I'd visit and I also stayed over that night. The other friend and I just chatted and walked around campus; it was quite relaxing and entertaining.

March 16-Saturday
I had volunteer again in the morning with the tax prep. After that I went home and waited for my mom to get back so we could go shopping. We went to Macy's and she took forever trying on clothes...and only ended up buying one of them xD You can see what I got in [this] post (same as the one I posted on the previous day). I think this will be the last time I can shop in a while :(

March 17-Sunday
Last day of break.. I slept in until 5:15PM.. :x My friend came over for a bit with gifts :O He got me a Hello Kitty plush from a crane machine and nail polish that was on my wishlist..thanks!! We then went out to California Pizza Kitchen for his birthday (which is on Monday.) It was ironic how I was the one receiving gifts though.
Shrimp scampi zucchini fettuccine 
It was my first time at CPK and I've heard their pastas were quite good, so I went with that. My dish was okay though.. I wasn't a fan of how the fettuccine was dry/hard ish. I tried some of my friend's kung pao spaghetti and I thought it was really yummy. After that I went back to campus.

Sooo that just about sums up my spring break for those who care to know how it went ;P Overall it was enjoyable. Now I'm back in school...blehh.

Anyways, until next time!


  1. So many pictures of delicious food, I just got hungry and it's already late *drool*

  2. omg, my favourite sushi!! liked it so much!

  3. thanks for your comment :)
    would u like to follow each other ?


  4. Starbucks! I haven't had it in such a long time, it looks so lovely and delicious! Pity your friend ditched the scheduled day, do share when you do come round to dyeing your hair!