Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maine Weekend

After months of anticipation, I finally went on my trip to Maine \(^_^)/ There were some last issues regarding getting there, but it all worked out in the end. It was a trip with five other friends (+other acquaintances and those we don't know) at Point Sebago Resort

I didn't think I needed to charge my camera's battery so I didn't and when I got there I realized it was dying. I only got to snap four photos before it died :( Almost everything is taken with my iPhone. 

Since my sleeping schedule was kind of messed up, I didn't get to sleep the night before except in the car. When we were almost there, we stopped by for lunch...and of course Maine means lobster!
Lobster roll from Bob's Seafood
It was super fresh and tasted like the sea, so much it was kind of overwhelming. It was about $12 so I think that's cheaper than what I'm used to seeing ^^

I was with one of my friends for the most part because the rest of the group was getting there quite a bit later, so we took the time to explore the place.
Cabin 167 I was actually expecting a bigger place more like an actual house, so it was kinda disappointing, but it was enough to fit all of us, so.. whatever.
One of the beaches.. the water was green everywhere for the most part. 
Trying to be artsy.. maybe if I photoshopped in a ray of light it'll look like an enchanted forest
Matching(ish) photos

So after exploring we got dinner. It wasn't really that good, kinda bland, but I quite liked the chicken. Wasn't too hungry though. After dinner we went exploring again and the sun was starting to go down (but it was still quite bright out) and this one part of the place was so pretty. I couldn't even capture it well on camera and it was something you just had to see in person.
The color was like 50000x more vivid in person
That night some of the other groups had set up a campfire and there was lots of food and people gathered. When we headed back to our cabin, all of us pretty much ended up staying up the night. I didn't even get to sleep til like 10AM the next day wtf. 
Snail in the campfire :o
Saw some ducks on the way to breakfast and I quite like the quality of the photo esp considering it's taken with my phone :D

After breakfast I KO'd and I didn't even wake up until like almost 5:00PM or something because I was woken up for dinner.
Only highlight of dinner was the lobster and maybe the nuggets which were like McDonald's but crispier.
Forced everyone to play bingo with me because I didn't get to do anything cuz left me sleeping and all went canoeing wtf. Okay maybe I wouldn't wake up but that's besides the point. One of our friends won though bingo though yay. It took almost two hours for ten rounds and we rushed to go ziplining, but it turns out it was canceled because of the weather. It was (apparently) raining the whole day or something like that.

At night time there was another campfire and after that we played with sparklers, which I got at Wal-Mart. We bought way too many because at some point I felt like I was forcing myself to use them and I still have a lot that I brought home. Should've went with the smaller package but though we would need this many.
Most of us parted ways because we had different rides. We left around 11:00AM because that's when checkout was. Went on a detour though and stopped by Ogunquit. I ended up staying up again until 5:00AM or something so each time I was in the car I KO'd. It was quite uncomfortable waking up because I was super sore. 

Anyways, we dropped by a restaurant/spa place called The Cliff for lunch. I have no complaints on the food and service. The food wasn't superb but it was yummy :) Just the entrees took forever to I dunno at least 15 minutes after they took away our plates for the appetizers.
Blueberry pie made with Maine blueberries. Maybe I just don't appreciate Maine blueberries or something, which is what they're supposed to be known for but I don't think it's anything special. They taste like the ones my high school served or like the frozen ones (but not frozen) that my brother used to buy. I prefer normal blueberries from the supermarket. Our server was raving about how good it was after we found out that they didn't have creme brulee or tiramisu (ran out/change of menu)...or ice cream (broken freezer.)
 Random adorable chipmunk that was near us but I scared it away.

The thing about this place is that is by the sea and it's super scenic and nice to eat outside. Maybe it's popular to celebrate anniversaries there too because two couples did while we were there.

After maybe 10-15 minutes of photo taking of the scenery, we headed home. I heard thundering before we left too even though it still looked nice out. I heard from a friend who was also staying in Maine that there was a thunderstorm. 

It was a relaxing weekend well spent with friends. Wish I participated in more activities, but it's okay, there's next year. Like actually. We already reserved a space. So until next time!! I have nothing to blog about because I haven't even been doing anything. I finally got better after coming back after being sick for two weeks wtf. Who gets a cold in the summer. -_-


  1. The scenery is lovely, and the food looks absolutely delicious! The little chipmunk is adorable as well!

  2. Seems like such an amazing trip!! The shrimp looks so good... D: and the heart sparklers are so cute!