Monday, January 26, 2015

Hangzhou: Lingyin Temple & Tea

November 15, 2014
The next morning I woke up earlier for breakfast. We went to 灵隐寺 (Lingyin Temple) and I was hesitant about going in because of superstitious reasons, but did so anyways. It’s in a mountainous area and it was pretty big. 
The temple itself was huge as well, like you go through the back and there's an area/temple building and then go through the back of that and there's another one. It kind of reminds me of the Forbidden City.

Headed to 梅家坞 (Meijiawu village) for lunch at 欣怡茶庄 (Xinyi Tea House and Restaurant)
Address: 梅家坞 89号梅家坞停车场内
Someone from the program was being kind of pissy because I was taking photos of the food >:( I guess I can see where s/he's coming from...but calm yourself please. 

We went to the Mei Family Tea Farming Village to learn about 龙井茶 (Longjing tea). Bought some too, but it was so expensive :O It was RMB300 for a small can and a half :o I can't even distinguish my teas that well, so.. I dunno. It's probably more expensive at this particular place too, but we weren't going to have the opportunity of buying it elsewhere, so I just bought it anyways.

We took a bullet train back to Shanghai and that concludes our weekend in Hangzhou.
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