Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Saddest Fangirl Moment ( far)

I found out from one of the promoters of that Jay Park would be at Muse that night and naturally I wanted to go... I was never a 2PM fan or anything like that, I think I found out who he was after he wasn't a part of the group anymore. 

Anyways, I didn't really believe it lolol but confirmed with the promoter that he'd be there. 

One of my friends agreed to go with me. I got to Muse at 10:30PM or so, because my friend wanted to go early. The promotor told to come at 11:00PM, so we spent the next hour at the bar. The club was also quite empty = more suspicious whether he'd actually come...

By the time I finally tried to look for him around 11:30PM, he was nowhere to be seen :(( sobss but found him a bit later at a different table but it was a private table so the security guards didn't let me talk to him fml. 

But the worst part was that... I didn't actually get to "see" him either even though he was like 5 feet away from me because my vision was blurred LOL WTF FMLL. I had to ask my friend if it was really him or not and he didn't know who Jay Park was until Baidu-ing him that night, but he said yes, so... Have to trust him I guess..

Needless to say, this was one of the saddest nights of my stay in Shanghai. I missed my opportunity to meet him and couldn't even see him when he was in my face. 

Oh ya, after I left a while later, I think he might've came out to hang out with normal people again :( fml. 

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