Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thanksgiving in Shanghai

As you may or may not know, Thanksgiving isn't celebrated abroad. Luckily, our program organized a dinner for us to get together. 

I came from the fabric market, and since I had to make adjustments and order more things, we ended up a bit late.
Saw this beauty on our way to the restaurant. I think the Oriental Pearl Tower will always be my favorite-looking telecom tower...

Food spam:
Fried 腐竹 dish.. omg so delicious. Probably my second favorite dish of the night
So many veggies... 我的肉呢?!

Now the ultimate question is... did we have turkey? Nope. Ate 烤鸭 (roasted duck) instead. I think each table had two whole ducks. -drools- it was so yummy and tender.
Roasted duck skin
Fried (?) rest of the duck

People don't eat turkey in Shanghai (or China, as far as I know), so I think it's appropriate and clever to eat 烤鸭 instead. From what I heard, they sell (uncooked?) turkeys for like $100 O_O Dang.

 I felt like the only one eating at the table. I probably ate half of the food T_T;; 

In the end, they served us this uh fried shrimp thing. But they ran out of trees to place them on, so our table only had a plain dish!
So when the other table finished, we took their tree and decorated it ourselves.. the waitress laughed at us but helped us with putting it on.

To end the night, we walked to the Bund and the weather was really nice too, so it was perfect! 
Still not the best shot, but the best for me. I've been wanting to go to the Bund at night since I never did all semester. My feet were starting to hurt from my heels, so after some complaining, we went home :X 

I am thankful for having the opportunity to be abroad and travel after the semester. I'm glad I met some of the people that I did. Doesn't take Thanksgiving to make me realize this, but I think I am blessed for what I have now. ^^

I took some leftovers for lunch because I had work the next day. I had to go back into my room to change jackets and during the process, I left the box of food on my bed and found it after I got back from Beijing that weekend fml

If interested, below are the details of the restaurant:
Restaurant: 老北京 (Lao Beijing)
Address: 河南南路1号,靠近延安东路 (No. 1 Henan Nan Lu, near Yan’an Dong Lu)
Nearest station: Yuyuan (Line 10), Exit 1

Until next time!

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