Saturday, January 3, 2015

Utterly Disgusted

There are fucken ants everywhere. 

I've noticed on the first night that the kitchen of the place I'm staying at in Singapore has ants crawling all over. The counter, the floor. But they were mainly on the first floor. 

As for the bedroom, there weren't any normal ants, but I've noticed a couple of little black ants crawling on my laptop every night. Disgusting, but this much I can handle. 

But then on my last night (right now), I kept finding a lot! Then I looked over at a corner of my bed and THERE WERE SO MANY CRAWLING EVERYWHERE. I got rid of 10 within 20 seconds. And my clothes have been on this bed too. No doubt they've already been infested. Not to mention, they're TINY, so I wouldn't be surprised if they already made way into all my luggage :| Going to have to rewash everything thoroughly when I get home. So grossed out... 

How am I going to sleep tonight, knowing that there are loads of ants running around next to my face? 

Already contacted the owner of the place, so hopefully they can make it up somehow. But it's really not okay to have to sleep with ants and fear for ant-infested luggage. :| Ughhhh.

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