Thursday, March 1, 2012

Research Paper WHYY

I have my 12-15 page research paper due tomorrow! :( So I'll be staying up all night finishing it. I still have to redo my draft too (which needs to be handed in) because it's too sloppy -__- I didn't get much sleep last night either, maybe around 3-4 hours, so I just wanna go nap. I'll probably be catching on sleep in class tomorrow.

I also did my nails last night when I should've been studying for my economics final, which I totally bombed. Today just isn't a good day for me :( During lunch, a girl walked right into me, so my food got all over me.. After wiping it off and getting a new plate of food, ANOTHER GIRL WALKS INTO ME -__- Luckily this time the food didn't spill, but I would've been very upset if it did :(
Anyways, here are the nails! I used a dark green base for this (Sally Hansen Insta-dri Jumpin Jade) and topped it with Jordana Celestial. I didn't like the Sally Hansen. For one, the brush was too wide, so I made a mess on my nails..and it also took pretty long to dry, contrary to its name. :\ So it didn't dry until the next morning, so it was my mistake to use two coats when one was enough because the glitter would've covered over it anyways. It looks black in person/in pictures, but before the glitter, you can see that it's a dark green. But after applying it, I thought that I might as well have just applied a black coat instead.

After work, instead of doing my paper....I made chicken noodle soup with the bf! 

Okay...back to my paper. I have class in less than 2 hours! AH! Bye!!


  1. Haha I never wrote papers in hs.
    I like the nails but i don't like the color much for myself.
    And i love the sally nail brushes cause of how big they are. I feel like i mess up more with little brushes.