Thursday, March 22, 2012


Super long post... and no pictures, sorry!

For the past few months, I have been spending way too much money, considering that I do not work that often so whatever I make is like pocket cash, but my spending has been gone overboard and I've spent everything that I earning last year during the year and in the summer. So this month I decided to enforce a budget for myself and it's making me miserable haha. I can't spend so freely anymore or go pick up a snack or drink when I need one; I would have to wait until I get home. There's still like a third of the month left and for the past few days I have been stuck with a remaining balance of 73 cents to spend D:

But speaking of grabbing some food every now and then, this budget sorta kills two birds with one stone. A week after returning from Canada, I started gaining weight and noticeably in in my tummy just bulges out and I feel like I look almost pregnant or bloated 24/7. Ironically, I didn't gain weight during the trip, but after. Weird. But yeah I guess this way I can control my eating to a more reasonable level, just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It worked for a week until I pigged out again at home last night LOL :( But yeah, hopefully it all works out :D I'm hoping to cut off snacks for a while too. I'll just finish off whatever I have at home (which is mostly chips -__-) and ban myself from snack shopping, which I used to go like every single week. This would save me lots of $$$ and be way healthier for me..

Anyways, I'll update again maybe at the end of this week or so. It's restaurant week this week and the next, so MAYBE I'll make an exception to the budget for this since I have never gone before ( into temptation.) I have to get my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled this Saturday and they said I can't have nail polish no new mani until next week. I hope my cheeks don't swell up for weeks! It's a pretty deep removal, so it probably will :(

Have a nice rest of the week everyone!! Hope it's as nice whereever you live as it is here. Today it was like 80 degrees!

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