Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Recap: 3/5/12-3/11/12

An update to the whole iTunes situation.. they actually refunded me for the first transaction, but in iTunes credit...which I won't even need. Plus they told me they'd refund it in the original payment methods..so I emailed them but they wouldn't do anything x__x As for the $3x transaction..the transaction cleared with my bank before I could put it on hold & call the bank..so hopefully I can get that money back!

Anyways, here's a recap of what happened last week!
I went to Dave and Busters last Monday. We spent $35 there..and only got around 700 tickets? Which was just enough to get this fellow. :D My top shelf is getting too full for my domos x_x
 Ichigo from a pastry shop :D They're expensive though..like $2.95 each, so I couldn't get that many.
Wednesday night dinner.. had a late shift at work :( Went to get froyo, but they didn't really have the flavors that I liked.. so I didn't really get that much. 
If you remember Yeh from my Canada post, it's a place where I got froyo and crepes. They recently opened up one about half an hour drive away and I wanted to try it so this Friday I had time to go :D THEY'RE SO DELICIOUS! I wish it was closer to home because it is quite far to go often :( They froyo was very rich in flavor. There's like so many different flavors in my cup xD Strawberry mixed w/cheesecake, blueberry, mango, cookies and cream, smores mixed w/vanilla and that's it, I think. They were all so good, but my favorite would have to be their mango. Tastes like real mangos!

 On Saturday, a bunch of friends and I got together to make sushi :) Some of the eggs we made looked like pancakes :o Funny story.. my friend was trying to flip the egg to the other side and it flipped right into the trash can xD
Round 2!
I went to NY on Sunday for the day. Left the house around 6AM and got back at 8PM.
 Bought some new earrings recently :) The pink ones were $1 for the pair and has that hypo-allergy plastic end and the other pair is a tiny one for $3 :) I used to have a tiny pink pair, but I think I lost one of them :\ But yeah they're so small! Might look big in the pic, but you can see how small it is compared to my finger.
 I want to learn how to make those net roses, so I bought some material :) Dunno if it's cheap compared to other places, but the net was only $1.50, wires $0.65 and green tape $1.25. I got these from the Elizabeth Center.
pa: A72 | Revlon: Ocean Breeze 320 | Not So Blueberry 370 | Provence 040
Got the Revlon from CVS since they were on sale for $4.79+$3 extrabucks each. The pa is from a store in the Elizabeth Center in NY. The store had a bunch, but since they're such tiny bottles (0.1 fl oz) and I've heard that they're quite sheer.. I only bought one just to have it. The store had a lot of them, but yeah.. This one was $5. Some of the other sparkly ones were like $6.50 or $8.00.
Nails for the week in Revlon Colorstay Provence. It was kinda thick so I was worried that it'd be streaky, but it didn't come out that bad. However, when I put the top coat on, the polish was like smudging again (got onto my top coat brush) even after a year of drying, so it's not because it's still wet.
Yesterday, I went to Yeh again :x More froyo for me! Ahh how I wish I could go there everyday or something :( Okay, maybe not but wish it was more convenient! Also tried their crepes. It didn't have that many fruits inside.. and I only had a bite so I thought it was okay.

Well that's all for last week!


  1. Wow! All your food looks delicious. The self made yoghurt is one of my favorited! : D

  2. LOL flipped into the trashcan...dats where u belong <3