Sunday, March 4, 2012

Canada: Toronto, Ontario

Hi! Here's my last post about my stay in Canada :) I'll include the haul pictures at the very bottom :D

Day 5: February 22, 2012
To start off, when we stopped for gas, I had to go to the bathroom >< So I went to this stop place and saw lots of catch machine sorta things and say a domo!! It was a machine where a light circulates and you get either 1, 2, 3, or one where it opens right up. The domo is on the center and evey time you get the light to land on 1-3 it'll open up slightly (3 the most) We spent $5 to get this, so not too bad :x 

When we got to Toronto, we went to Chinatown. 
 First, we found the Dragon City Mall so we stopped by there.
 DOMO FIGURINES!! They were $7 each, so it would've been a killer to get all of them x__x I didn't get any :(
 It was mostly shops and gachapons in there :o So we left and as we were walking, I saw these staring at me out the window!! MEGA CUTE!!!
 Next is the Chinatown Center that was like a block down.
 Lol. It was pretty much the same thing as the DCM, but I think less flashy and it's bigger.
Walking further into Chinatown... (we were on the outskirts, sorta, before)
So cute!! Saw these at a store called Factory Price to Public. 
We went to T&T :) It's a huge Asian supermarket. This one was really clean and all the food stuffs were stocked well.
 When it was dinner time, we went to a restaurant called Mengrai Gourmet Thai. We ordered a chicken kabob for appetizer. I wasn't a big fan because of the coconut taste. The bf got this seafood pineapple fried rice and it was served in a pineapple! It was so good :) I got a green curry chicken, which was okay. It was milky as Thai-style curry usually is.
 We went to go watch The Vow! :) Okay, honestly I was a tad disappointed by the ending of it and it was a pretty hyped movie. We had the movie theatre to ourself! Jk, a few people started coming in after we did. :P We watched it at the Cineplex, which is like the Canadian AMC I guess :o Which they do have btw, but there was no parking so we went to the Cineplex instead.
After our day was over, we finally headed to the hotel! We avoided going back the whole day because the parking at the hotel was super expensive :\ $45 for valet parking. And if we parked at another parking lot, we couldn't go in and out without having to pay again :(
Anyways, we had stuff that had to be refrigerated..but our room doesn't come with a fridge so we stuck it out the window LOL. Our room also has a nice view and we could see the CN Tower :D We weren't that high though (27th floor) so I didn't have eye to eye level with the buildings I guess LOL
 Late night snacks <3 Pig ears and curry chips... okay the pig ears sound gross :( The chips were good though! I went back and bought 9 bags the day we left lol..

Day 6: February 23, 2012
The next morning, we went to eat dimsum at Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine. The portions were generous and it was delicious! I would definitely recommend this place if you were ever in Toronto. It's a bit pricer than other dimsum places for me, but our total was $61 for 9 dishes before tips. 
Next stop Pacific Mall!! At this point, my camera died :( So I was only able to take a few pictures with my phone because that died too LOL.
 Hello Kitty face wash!! They were selling it for $16, but I found it online for $9, soo...
 This place has the best mango shakes I have ever tried. Their mango is ripe and they even put diced up mango at the bottom! See all those boxes of mango they go through? There's more not pictured! Pmall has like SOO many Real Fruit chains though, there's at least like 5 in there!
Saw these at a shop AWW! The bf got a few of these and the next day he got the baby ones, one for me one for him :D
DINNER TIME! We went to Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill. We ordered crab cakes, which I thought was okay. Next came oysters of course :P I didn't eat any though because I'm not a fan of raw food. The bf ordered bass and I got duck. I didn't like my food that much so I only took a few bites and packed up the rest :\ The duck was overly expensive..for that price I could've probably bought 2 ducks back at home.

Day 7: February 24, 2012
Our last day in Canada!! :( We planned to visit the CN Tower, but it was rainy and foggy...soo we had to cancel :(
 This is in the lobby of the hotel, so pretty! It's connected to the pool.
For breakfast/lunch we went to Kenzo Ramen. Top: My King of Kings Ramen, Bottom: Nagasaki Champon. The noodles itself remind me of packaged ramen because of the texture. And it had way too many beansprouts in it D: So overall I think it's good, but still okay, if that makes sense :P
 Domo driving hehe :P
Went to T&T to get some deserts after ramen! Their bakery selection is just soooo beautiful!'

We headed back to Pmall one last time to take these photobooth pictures xD There's soooo many frames to choose from. They're a bit pricey, but they're worth it because they're so cute! (I'm sure people can do it themselves too, but it's not as fun that way..) There's a store dedicated to photobooths and we got a regular sized photo for $14 + $6 for an extra copy. They come in three sizes.
Saw this at a store! It's Sentimental Circus and it's soo cute! The lady yelled at me cuz there's no cameras allowed apparently :(
So we came back just to get these mango shakes again LOL. The bf got the largest size x__x It looks small in the picture, but it's like the size of the Big Gulp from 7-Eleven.

Okay time to leave! :( It was around 5:30PM by off we go! :(
 NIAGARA FALLS<3 It was beautiful, despite the wind. It was so windy that I couldn't even close the car door x__x And it was so hard to capture a picture because it was so dark. Nevertheless, it's soo pretty and I'm sure it's better during daytime!
Before we officially left Canada, I got myself some Timbits :) They look like Munchkins, but they taste different! They're both good :)
We didn't get home until 3:00AM :( Geez...10 hour drive!
Anyways, here's what I bought<3 
 Lame..but I bought a new box for my nail polish because my other ones were running out of room! It's the perfect size to match with the other boxes :) $2 at Dollarama :D
 Bought these Skin Food cleansers.. $16 each. I got them in Wildberry Milk and Aloe. I'm not sure where I can get them for cheaper, but I'm sure it's way cheaper online.
 I got some stationary at the store that I got yelled at :( It's the same store with the figurines too. Anyways the notebooks were super cute! $1.49 each and the pens wrote nicely so I bought one of each design since they were only $0.99 and I like nice writing pens.
All my gachapon :x Most of them are $2 in Canada boooo!
I tried doing a compilation of all the gachapons I saw at Toronto after I saw so many at DCM and there were so many! This isn't even all of them. The blue ones are from a store at Pmall, but they're sooo overpriced.. $4 each! No thank you.
I bought these earphone jack accessories. Been wanting to get these every since they first came out on strapya. Cheaper than Strapya though :D $10 for all 3. And they recently started putting them up on eBay, and it's roughly the same price.
 Missha BL001 ~$3 | Essie: Cocktail Bling | Brazilian $2.99 each! | Ianti $1
Apparently Ianti is a Korean brand or something :o I saw it at a bin with a bunch of other $1 nail polishes! The color is really pretty :) I also bought a blue nail polish from that bin, but forgot to get it out of my bag when I took the pic.
China Glaze Prismatic Liquid Crystal | Electrobeat | Instant Chemistry | Pull Me Close
I found a nail store at Pmall near the North entrance at the very corner. They had a large selection of China Glaze, NYX, OPI, and other nail stuff. Their price is okay, but I definitely got ripped off for the Magnetix ones :( -rant- 
I bought the first two and last one and the magnet from that store. It was buy 3 polishes get 15% off. The first two came out to be around $5.50 before tax and the Magnetix one was $8.49-->$7.21 and the magnet was for $8.49. Later I went to the beauty store where I got the Essie nail polishes and all their Magnetix stuff was only $6.99 so I got Instant Chemistry. When it rang up, it was only $6.49. But anyways, now that I'm home I see them at Sally's for $6 each and buy two get the magnet for free. Plus tax here is a lot cheaper!! >:o -rage-

Okay that's all to my Canada trip! It was fun and I would definitely go back again, despite the long drives! Things that I learned are: 
1. Canadians love mirrors. There were mirrors everywhere I went (hotel, restaurants, etc.)
2. Sortie = exit, arret = stop
3. Don't buy nail polish in Canada unless they're super cheap. Chances are, you'll find them much cheaper at home especially because you get to avoid their tax (5% + 9.5%)


  1. You are such a suker for cute toys/plushies xD
    Lol the food looks good though :3
    Glad you had fun

  2. All the food looks delish! I hope to go to Niagara Falls one day! & It was nice seeing your posts about your trip! =)

  3. Wow! So many cute things! :D I love it!

  4. Ohh look at all the cute trinkets and knacks, must have been fun seeing all those sites. The hotel lobby setting that's connected to the pool is really pretty.

    Look at all the goodies you brought home and wow you got a hold of the prismatic polish, ah I'm going to be searching for it frantically now, haha I want the whole collection!

    1. And the Gachapon! I use to spend money and collect those things like crazy, I was happy to get two full Hello Kitty figurine sets.

  5. The article was a fun to read abd the pics were good.
    If you're looking for reasonably priced gacha and plushies from Japan try Rakuten Global Markets.