Monday, April 1, 2013

OOTD, OOTN, & Food

Haven't done an OOTD in a long time.. so here are two!
I got the top last year during my trip in Arizona. I didn't wear it much (probably only once) because after I washed it, the front drooped down A wasn't even droopy when I first got it. This seems to be a trend every time I find a nice top while on vacation because this happened to another top I got a few years ago in Virginia, so I couldn't wear it anymore :'( The boots are also new.. I bought them from DSW. They're a bit tight and take a while to zip though. 
Froyo :) I bought a Groupon for the place because it was closeby and I loveee the mascot. It's so cute :D The (presumable) owner of the place was very friendly too.
Friday's OOTN. I bought the top from Forever21 when I went shopping with my roommate. 
Mango & strawberry green tea from Infusions Tea Spa
Shake Shack recently opened up in MA, so on Saturday my friends and I went to give it a try. It has been receiving a lot of hype, so I was pretty curious as to how good it can be.. but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. The food wasn't terrible, but it was nothing to be raving about either. Not to mention it was a far commute. I don't think I'd come back unless I was in the area. 

My week kinda sucked. I took my two midterms and didn't do so well in I'm pretty sure I killed my GPA this semester. Sighh..there's still a month left of the semester but there's only so much I can do, and that is if I can even do that well. I have another midterm coming up on Wednesday for Accounting, which I'm dreading.


  1. Wow! That meal at the Shake Shack looks delicious though! So greasy and cheesy haha ^.^

    Sorry about the midterms :/ it seems like you have a lot of those.. :p don't worry, you can do it! you can only try your best..

  2. Gah, food! You made me hungry! lol

    By the way I have a new post! I hope have a time to check it out!