Thursday, September 25, 2014

Etude House Incident

Yesterday, I went to the Etude House at West Nanjing Road (南京东路). It was probably the worst experience I've ever had, but given that I never had an AWFUL shopping incident, I think.

Basically, I couldn't find the color of what I wanted so I tried to flag down an employee, but they made eye contact and walked away. After looking through all the products on the shelf and not being able to find it, I tried to actually approach a sales associate. There was like... 7 or 8 of them at the cash register and only one customer was checking out, so even a while after that customer finished, they just loitered around that area and chatted. Which is really stupid because the store was full of customers and ALL the employees were gathered in that corner. It kind of got annoying because I'm like staring them down, but they're too engrossed in their own thing. To prove that they're definitely not busy, this one employee kept going back and forth to a mirror to fix her makeup.

So anyways, I approached them and said I needed help. They looked at me, then looked away and continued their chattering. Wtf?! Wanted to just put the shit down and leave by then cuz they definitely did not deserve my business there >_> But I just stuck it out because if I didn't get it from this store I'd have to go to another location which is just inconvenient for me D: So I asked them again for help and the manager told a girl to help me. 

Got my thing and went to checkout. My total was 77元 and I repeated it back to make sure because I thought one of my items was 18元 and the other 29元, so it definitely didn't add up, but it was just because I misheard it earlier. So they told me to look at the screen for the total. So as I getting my credit card and one of the girls standing there was just like "seven seven" in English, so I'm not sure if it was just mockery or what? Because her tone sounded like that and also I've been speaking to them in Chinese, so at the very least I would think I know my numbers. But because I was speaking English with a friend, they knew I was a foreigner for sure. It's also the fact that the total was right in my face on the screen, so I don't understand why it was necessary for her to do that. 

I don't know how much shipping would cost, but apparently the same product I bought costs $2 on the official site vs 48元 (~$8) so WTF ripped off!! But then shipping might be super expensive, so not sure. Also I might've bought the wrong kind, but I didn't see any other ones at the store.

Anyways, bottom line is...never shopping in that particular Etude House again. They're just rude and inattentive. 

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  1. lol. Weird if it's a rip off. I always imagined that things are cheaper in China? Like everything is cheaper, but maybe not?