Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wuzhen Trip & A Bit of FOMO

This weekend the school arranged a trip with other exchange students to Wuzhen, a canal town 2.5 hour ride away. I only ended up getting 2 hours of sleep, so I was super tired and passed out during the bus ride. 
As for the town, I guess I'll describe it as a less decorative version of Lijiang. It is definitely still very touristy and the prices do reflect that. We kind of just walked around.
We went to this cafe to sit down and just relax for a bit. I ordered a vanilla milkshake for 30¥ but it tasted just like milk wtf D: It wasn't even like the right consistency. 

Walked around some shops and there was this small toy-music shop and they had the prettiest carousels ever D: I was pretty tempted to get one because there was this super pretty pink one, but it was just a bit too big and it was also like 430¥  :(

Umm there was an "incident" when we returned to Shanghai though. Maybe it wasn't meant to be malicious, but.. still quite fucked up. Basically most of the people from my program went to Wuzhen (10 of us) and when we got back to Shanghai, they all went to get dinner together, except they didn't invite me or my friend (we were sitting together on the bus). We only found out because after getting off the bus, we saw them all going the other direction to get dinner. Not only that, but before we got off, my friend's roommate had given her a bag of things she purchased and asked her to bring it back to the room first. So if "everyone" was going to get dinner, why is it assumed that she was going back first..? Ehh? To make matters worse, they all came back with takeout to eat at my friend's place >_> Which is SO awkward and just awful >:(

It's not even a matter of being cliquey either because the WHOLE group went, so it's not like a few of them decided to get dinner together afterwards.

Later that night, they all went out to the Bund to see it at night. It's definitely like a very common activity to do, but it's like.. last time when I was going to go I invited some of them to go but we ended up not going because it was raining. But then this time they didn't even bother to extend the invitation back. It wasn't too out of the way either because we exchanged conversations like, "Oh where are you going?"


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  1. Well that incident sounds unpleasant O_o I am not even sure how to feel about it- because it's certainly not a very nice thing of them, but I hope it's just a one-time thing..