Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lijiang, Yunnan: Black Dragon Pool

Sunday afternoon we were going to Yunnan for a week. Our flight was at 4:30PM but because of air traffic, it was delayed and didn't take off until 7:00PM. 
They gave us food to make up for it, which was nice because I don't think airlines in the States does that. 
Dinner on the plane. 

There was soo much empty room on the plane so after a while I just went to the back to get a whole row to myself and to sleep in :D 

When we arrived in Lijiang, the airport was so gross and had bugs all over the ground!!
We stayed at Zen Garden Hotel (瑞和园) Our room was sooo nice and they had bomb sunflower seed cookies. They offered free wifi. 
The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel before walking through Old Town to go to Black Dragon Pool (黑龙潭公园), and it's like a scenic garden and you can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山) from there.
I wore rain boots because I thought it'd rain, but it turned out to be a nice warm day >_< So my feet were a bit too toasty.

I thought the Black Dragon Pool was a very nice and relaxing place.

Visited the Museum of Naxi Dongba Culture:
Dongba hieroglyphics 
The Dongba, who is basically like a religious figure-priest guy

Had lunch with the group:
After that, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit then explored the city! We were staying in the Old Town of Lijiang, so we just walked around that. I think it all ends up being a big circle, but every shop looks the same, so it was hard to tell where I was. Most shops sold handmade silver and scarves, and bargaining exists here as well. 
Saved a stray(?) dog who was sort of stuck 
I ended up buying a skirt and two scarves.

Dinner was on our own tonight and we were all given 50¥. We went to this Naxi hotpot place and I wasn't a big fan of the hotpot we had... They were huge too and we were nowhere close to finishing it because we didn't like it so much. Wasn't worth the 50¥.
After dinner, we walked around town a bit more before returning back to the hotel.

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