Monday, September 29, 2014

Shaxi: Around the Town

September 3, 2014
Wednesday, we set off for Shaxi. It was about a 2.5 hour bus ride there and we had a homestay at the Li Family in Xia Ke Village. Shaxi is an agricultural town, so if you think of 乡下 kind of lifestyle. You can see the sewage throughout the town and there's lots of crops everywhere.
Kind of a shabby room for the seven of us. I mean it does its job, but not what I was expecting. Though, given the environment, it is expected. I'm thankful that the Li Family has Western toilets.

We got settled in for about 15 minutes before heading out for lunch. We had a guide who brought us around. It was about a 20 minute walk into town.


I was kind of annoyed with having to wear my boots because we were strongly, strongly advised not to wear flip flops or the like, but the roads didn't seem too bad and I didn't care about getting it dusty or slightly muddy so I just changed into flip flops.

After lunch, we walked around Shaxi for a bit and I tried this rice drink (1.5¥) and it was pretty good.

We continued to tour the town some more, looking at local street food and checking out the buildings.
To: 小倩
(Xiao Qian, I hope that by the time you see these words, you are together with your beloved)
Woman making carvings. Was tempted to buy a fan-shaped one, but didn't think I should hoard so much.
This dog followed us around for a bit and when he(?) saw us getting friendly with other dogs, it would BARK at them sooo much. 
Had some free time, but ended up going back to the Li Family. 
The roads in Shaxi were generally like this, think very village-style
Dinner was buffet style, so no pics. But we saw a lot of locals getting this noodle bowl, so we were able to try that as well.

Since this post is already pretty long with lots of photos, I'll end it here ^^;; Until next time!

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