Friday, April 24, 2015

MacBook Air Sent for Repairs :(

The other day I took my Macbook Air in to get it fixed because two weeks ago, the display spazzed out on me and started flickering nonstop and sometimes it just stayed off for a bit, but I couldn't prompt it to go back on. Imagine the horror of that when I had an unsaved paper finished... gah. But it hasn't really done that since, but occasionally it would randomly dims for a second before going back to normal. 
Prior to this, I noticed that the back strip popped out a bit and was a little uneven. For some reason... I thought it was normal until a few weeks later when I compared it to my friend's and realized mine wasn't aligned properly. 

I made an appointment around that time but I never woke up on time to go... so I ended up rescheduling every time and finally went. Originally, they were just gong to take it apart and see if something is loose, but since it's still under warranty, the guy said he'll just have them replace the display. I think in the process of toggling everything, the guy broke my bluetooth... Noticed it when he ran a test. So guess I'm getting that replaced too. Luckily, it's under I wouldn't have to pay for something that I didn't break. 

Err.. tbh, there was this one time when I did drop my laptop D: So I'm sure that might be why the thing got messed up. I didn't notice this, but when you close the lid, apparently my laptop is misaligned because of the whole issue with the part popping out. Not 100% sure if it's because of the drop, but I suspect it is. 

But now.. I'm wondering if I should buy AppleCare for an extra 2 years. This repair would've cost $560 if I wasn't covered... but I guess that's how they get to you. Clever, Apple. >:( I feel like I break these things fairly often (my last laptop started falling apart 4 months in) so it might be worth it, but then.. if I don't get to use it.. that's $250 down the drain. Plus my laptop isn't even worth that much to begin with, compared to, say a Macbook Pro or something. Which is kinda unfair if you think about it... I would pay the same amount for warranty for a $750 laptop versus a $2000 one. Decisions, decisions... 

Luckily, my friend has an extra laptop that I can use in the meantime :D 

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