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Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

December 24, 2014
Woke up early (but overslept a bit) to lug the rest of my luggage to Nishi Shinjuku and go to Tsukiji Fish Market. During certain times of the year, you can watch them do the auctions at like 4:00AM but they weren't public in December, I think.

We got there a later than expected (around 9?), but that's okay. It was right off of the station, I think we took the Marunouchi Line toward Ikebukuro from Nishishinjuku Station to Ginza Station. It was a ~3 minute walk to the entrance of the Fish Market.

Entrance to the Fish Market

The first thing we saw was like an an obaa-san selling onigiri in this stall, so I bought myself a salted salmon onigiri.
I actually have no idea which restaurants are the good ones. But my friend went and asked someone for a map and they starred the good places, so I'm sure that's a good indicator. I read online that the ones with waits are obviously the good ones too.

They range from ¥100-400 a piece but they have sets too. We went to Sushizanmai. I honestly can't say if it's good or not because I'm really a really bad judge at that. What I found interesting was that when ordering, you indicate whether you want wasabi or not for each piece and it's already there between the fish and rice. We decided to just order a la carte just so we can try other restaurants too LOL.

Tsukiji is actually quiet crowded and it's a pretty big tourist area too because a lot of shop owners/workers actually starting hollering in Chinese to get your attention, like how do you know?!
I think it goes without saying that they sell seafood here...but they also have household goods too. There are lots of restaurants and maybe shops with ice cream and such. 

I would probably come back again just to try the sushi again, but I wouldn't stress about it being the only place I would get it from because it's a bit out of the way to get here.

Going to split up the post so they're not too long, so until next time!

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