Monday, April 27, 2015

One Class Down!

I had a final this past Friday and it was so awful. The exam wasn't even that hard, but I just wasn't well prepared ;_; There was this one question that I got partially wrong and it was over the dumbest thing.

If you've studied accounting, then you should/might know that the Codification are all coded, and the exam was asking what are ways to search things on the Codification and I forgot to including that. Wtf. It's practically in the name too ;_; and it's what I've been citing all semester, sigh. 

I have another exam in like 14 hours, but you know, procrastination. After that exam, I'll be done with that class as well!

In the meantime, I still haven't gotten my laptop back yet :( It's only been four days, so it hasn't been excessively long, and I have a temporary + my desktop (since I've been home) so it really doesn't make a difference tbh. 

Hm.. what else.. in about one more month, I'll be moving to New York for the summer :D So that's kind of exciting, except also scary too since I'll be leaving so soon after the semester. But it's not like I'm leaving forever and I'll probably still visit home often if I'm nagged to.

Until next time!

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