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Tokyo: Sensoji (Asakusa), Tokyo Skytree, & Izakaya

December 24, 2014
Part one of this day can be found [here].
So after Tsukiji, we walked through Ginza just to check it out but there wasn't really too much. 

Our next stop was Asakusa, famous for the Sensoji Temple. It's a huge tourist spot, with lots of shops catering to us.
Couldn't resist and bought lots of Gotochi phone charms, half are probably Hello Kitty, half being Hello Kitty. Forgot why I didn't get myself a Zodiac one, but I got my mom one :O 
I decided to draw a fortune slip (omikuji) and got the best fortune :D But I read online later that you're supposed to tie your fortune if it's bad..which is what I did WTF. But I just looked it up again and it says you can tie it for greater luck or take it home.. phew.
 But that's not all for today... we walked over to Tokyo Skytree (20 minutes).
We didn't actually go up to the observation deck though.

They have a Hello Kitty Store there ^^
Was tempting not to buy there bottles of water wtf
Got a little lost getting to the station to head to Shibuya because Cory hasn't been there yet and we wanted to get ramen :D The rest of the night was pretty much going to all the places that I went to on my second day in Japan (Shibuya and Harajuku)
Hachiko Statue
Have you watched Hachi: A Dog's Tale? Such a sad movie, but I highly recommend it! 
Shibuya Crossing. Went into a Starbucks to take this photo because it had a pretty good view. I guess from above you can more people and it looks more overwhelming than when actually crossing. 
We had dinner at Ichiran Ramen. It's like a private booth-style sort of thing and you get to choose how you want it (oiliness, spiciness, broth) after you purchase a meal ticket from the vending machine. Mine came out to be ¥910. I already got less oily, I think but I think I could've done with it even less.
After dinner, we went to 109 and I picked up some stuff.
Secret Honey had a Frozen collection and one of the skirts was super cute ;_; But it was like ¥6,500 or something and not something I would wear too often either.
This coat was also pretty cute. Anna-inspired.

We walked over to Harajuku and took some purikura.
They cost ¥400 per session and there's a lot of purikura shops in Harajuku. Probably 3-5 shops with two dozens of machines in each one.

Got myself another crepe from Santa Monica Crepes~
Reality vs. Expectation wtf

It also took forever for me to get mine and when I did, it was the wrong thing, so I'm not sure if I took someone else's or what. Oops... then had to wait for them to remake it. It wasn't even good.. it was so gross after a while because I was just eating whipped cream...
We took the train to Shinjuku to end the night. I made sure to bring my passport this time so we went to Don Quijote and I stocked up on Dolly Wink and Diamond Lashes. They're like ¥1,200/box and you need to spend ¥50,000 in one purchase to get it to be tax-free. I don't really use them now, but figured that I might as well stock up while I'm here =X I'm not sure if things are actually discounted as a lot of places say they are because the stuff I bought was like retail price.

We went to the arcade afterwards and played for a bit, I got really lucky and won a bunny! Hehehehe.. Watching other people play was also really fun. The UFO catchers isn't too bad once you get a hang of it.
Last thing we did was izakaya! Thought I took a picture of the place so I can remember the name but can't find the file. The manager of the place was super chill and came over to talk to us. I forgot his name though -_- but hey it's been over three months. It was just very interesting to learn that he came from China and started working in Japan knowing nothing of the language, but he was able to become the manager of the place and also learn Japanese + English + possibly more?

But izakaya is kinda like eating 夜宵 at a bar. It's like very, very small appetizers though, so it's kinda pricy because of the portions. But we already ate a lot that day, so I didn't order too much and spent less than 700 yen. The plum wine was really good though hehe

May or may not have hit the arcade again before going back to the apartment.

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