Monday, April 6, 2015

Tokyo: Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

December 22, 2014
We didn't leave until pretty late into the afternoon. We decided to go to Ikeburuko and from what my friend described it.. it's like a female otaku paradise. 
But there's actually a lot there too and it's a very busy district. I wish I was able to look around here more. 

We went into Sunshine City and I was expecting like a crazy otaku place but it was actually a normal mall :O I saw a lot of high school students in uniform :O So I guess it's a popular place to hang out. 

They opened a Pokemon Center very recently and we went to get a shiny Pokemon. I didn't have my DS with me though so I couldn't get it ;_; They also have this Pikachu Charizard, that's soooo cute but they sold out of the plushes D:

I also went to Animate and picked up some stuffs, they have like 7 floors. I think if I was more into anime merchandise, then that'd be bad x_x;

We also visited this cafe to pick up a Sailormoon coaster and the Evangelion Store in P' Parco (it's actually very small though, more like a pop up store). 

We didn't stay for too long, we headed home after a while. We picked up some sushi and korokke from the supermarket for dinner. 

Next post has a lot more activities because I explored more with Cory and her sister after they got back from Kyoto. And luckily her luggage was sent there by the guy who took it >_>

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