Saturday, April 4, 2015

Possibly Studying Abroad This Fall..?

A few days ago, I was trying to plan my class schedule for the fall and then I class that I needed isn't offered in the fall! What! I feel like I keep overlooking these details ;_; I actually did go through this stuff in the past fall to make sure if that the class was offered in the fall as well, but I guess I misread or something -_-

So what does that mean...

It means I can't study abroad in Tokyo :'( Because my school only offers it as a year-long program or for the spring only. That an the Kyoto program requires four semesters of Japanese. I have zero.

And doesn't that mean I won't be able to study abroad again like I wanted to? D:

Luckily, every semester, some of the study abroad programs have their deadlines extended. Probably because they want more applicants. 

And they still have it for London surprisingly! It was my second choice anyways :D Because I've never been to Europe and want to be able to travel throughout parts of Europe. I didn't apply to it last year, but I did debate between Shanghai and London.

And second choice...
Can't find any photos of the Opera House >:( So Darling Harbour is the best I can do.

Not too hyped about Sydney though just because I was there for like 10 days a few months ago and didn't feel like I fell in love with the city. But people who study abroad here seem to... so maybe it just depends.

Plus being abroad in the fall means I can be around for my last semester. Shit, I'm getting old.

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