Friday, June 7, 2013

Brother's Commencement

For those of you who do not know, I have an older brother, who just graduated. :o That night/morning was pretty shitty because I was so confused about the scheduling. I asked him a few weeks beforehand what time his graduation was and he told me that there were two. When I asked him which one he'd be in, I never got a response. Fast forward a week before the day of, he sent me a calendar with the schedule where he said his ceremony is at 11:45AM, so I told my workplace that I could only work until 11:00AM. Then the night before, he forwarded me another email that said there's two parts and it starts at 8:30AM. So I was basically like wtf because I had work at 7:15AM. 

I tried calling my boss to let him know that I couldn't come in..and keep in mind that this was like 1:30AM when I found out. I emailed him, but no response. I called him again at like.. 5:00AM and left a voicemail and he finally emailed me back almost promptly. Turns out that I didn't address the email to him because I hit reply instead of reply all. But I was able to work it out and took the day off. Half an hour later, my brother messages me rudely telling me that he had already told me what time it was before and blamed me for not knowing and then told me that I didn't have to go to the first part if I didn't want to.

At this point I was just angry that he couldn't even tell me what time it was and I went through the trouble of taking the day off to something that wasn't even that important. And I didn't want to tell my boss at this point nevermind, turns out that I can work afterall because there had already been some previous confusion on what day it was that I had to leave early and I didn't want to add to that. 

Turns out in the end we didn't even go to the first part. -_-

Anyways, now the actual thing. We were running a bit late and got there probably around 12:00PM, so about 15 minutes late. I had to make a run to the restroom and right when I got through the door to the courtyard where the diploma ceremony was held, my brother was called. So I almost missed it lol.

When that was finally over, we had lunch. It was $15 for this, wtf:

We basically left after that, even though there was more. I played a bit of poker and League of Legends before heading out to dinner. Here's the photo spam of food <3 It was actually pretty mediocre, but not bad. We ordered a lot, so I'm surprised that we finished most of it. 
We went to drop my brother off to his dorm after dinner, and they decided to bring some things home while they were there. I completely knocked out in the car waiting for them, and as soon as I got home, I went to my room and slept some more. 

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