Sunday, June 2, 2013

19th Birthday

My birthday was last week on the 16th. First the first time after five years, it didn't rain on my birthday. It was really nice and warm out today too! Anyways, I feel like I've been celebrating for over a week, so I'll start from the beginning :3

For those who celebrated with me and is reading this, thank you for celebrating with me <3 Or even those who wished me a happy birthday. 

May 11 - Saturday 
My roommate and I hosted a joint birthday party because our birthdays are only a day apart. The morning/afternoon of I celebrated my other friend's birthday with food and games. 
Me and the roommate before the party :D

As for the party itself.. I guess it was successful because people did show up. We told them 9:00PM and most people got there by like probably 10:30 or so. Some did show up on time though..and even before 9:00. 

I had fun while it lasted, I guess. I feel like I missed out on a lot of it because I was elsewhere and just running around at times because of poor decisions and the other because I had to take care of some things. 

The night ended with a tearful goodbye to a friend. I got back around 4:30AM and talked to the security guard at my dorm for about an hour afterwards. I'm very disappointed in myself for losing my gift from a friend that night. I have no idea how it happened, probably misplaced or something. I remember specifically leaving with it because I noticed it missing and searched for it. But at the end of the night it was gone. I did look all over for it and asked around but nothing. :(

May 13 - Monday
My friend took me out shopping in Natick, but I mostly bought stuff for others. The only things I got for myself were nail polish.

Afterwards, we went out to eat at Minado. It's a seafood buffet..I've been wanting to go there for like the past year but was never able to.
Was really full at this point, but I wanted dessert :P
"Birthday" cake :P nomm I was too full though, so I only got through 1/4 of it.

May 15 - Wednesday
To make up for not coming to my birthday party, my friend took me out on a date. I don't even know when's the last time I've been on one lol because nobody asks me out on any :x
Shrimp & broccoli penne 

The destination was..the aquarium! I haven't been there since 2004 when my extended family came to visit. I haven't been to other aquariums before so I can't compare, but I think ours is relatively small. Also part of it had construction going on.
Not really high quality since they were all taken with my iPhone. I do like the last shot though. I took quite a few photos, but don't wanna spam this post with them.

After that.. he showed me how to play League of Legends :X I wanted to start this summer after the semester was over, so I did ^^;; Everyone's been criticizing me for doing badly though D:<
When I finally started my first game, another friend called to invite us to go watch the premiere for Star Trek into Darkness. I made him make me ramen while we waited around before heading out >:D I tried Mama for the first time and it was pretty good!

May 16 - Thursday
Transitioning from the night before, I went to the premiere at midnight. I've never watched the show or other movies of it before so I was a bit hesitant, but I enjoyed the movie. The ending was a bit cliche though. I got home around 3:00AM and I don't even remember what I did. I don't remember going to bed immediately lol.

I had volunteering in the morning until about 12:30PM or so, and I went Starbucks afterwards for a Caramel Crunch Frappuccino & a cake pop courtesy of my friend Yunc. The only cake I got ^^;

After that I went shopping! I blogged about the stuff I got in my last post [here]. I wanted to cut down the entry a bit, so I made a separate post ^^; I didn't really have the day planned so it was just spontaneous.

Later that day I had dinner with friends at Longhorn Steakhouse. I took the wrong bus on my way there -_- it was technically the right bus but it was going to a different destination D:
I got the Renegade Sirloin from their Legendary Steaks menu with seasoned rice pilaf and seasoned fries.
I'd say it was pretty yummy. I'm not a huge steak person, so I can't say what's good and what's not, but at least I didn't hate it. I got the 12oz sirloin and it was more than enough..note to self to get a smaller one next time.

Just a side note, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed having to pay for myself because I don't believe that birthday people should have to pay. Not saying that for myself, but it applies for others as well of course. But it wasn't something I'd make a big deal out of and it was nice being able to see everyone anyways.
Hanging out for a bit

May 17 - Friday
My roommate and I decided to have a birthday dinner together. We had no idea where to go though, but in the end we went to Sapporo Ramen because we've been saying that we'll go there together all semester, but never had the chance to.
I wanted to try something new, so I got the Kimchi Ramen. I wasn't expecting any of the toppings, just kimchi, so I was surprised. The ramen from this place was good as usual. :D But they did raise their prices since the last time I came. For some reason I have the impression that it was a lot cheaper, but they actually didn't raise the price by too much.

Later we went to a "pretty place" and kidnapped one of her friends. After staying out in the cold for a while we went to said friend's house to jus thang out for a while. I didn't get home until like.. 1:30AM.

May 21 - Tuesday
I just hung out with my friend for a bit to catch up after being neglected. He treated me to sushi, which I've been craving for all week :D
May 23 - Wednesday
Last part of my birthday celebration. My friend invited me out to Giacomo's Ristorante for my birthday dinner. It's one of those places where there's a long line outside though. I've wanted to try it before and have been groupons for the place, but it was sold out so I never got it :X I waited 45 minutes. The place was pretty small, so I can see why the wait is so long.
Fried Calamari
Frutti de Mare (Fra Diavolo sauce)
I would say the food is worth the wait, but maybe not all the time. The prices are reasonable and the food is good. Portions are just enough.
I went to Mike's Pastry for their espresso cannoli. It's always hard to decide D: show off my gifts :) Thanks everyone!! In no particular order:
I'm not as much of a jewelry person as I would like to be, but hopefully I'll put these to good use ^^
A bunch of things from Lush! Mostly bath bombs lol. I don't really take care of my cuticles..cuz I'm so noob that I can't even tell if I have any sometimes. But I should get into the routine of doing so. 
BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray
Justin Bieber Someday <3 Crossed off of my wishlist! Been wanting this ^__^ Sadly the mini size in there is like..a pen sorta spray and not the minis. 
Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift
Wet n Wild: 18K Gold | Rocking Rubies | Quartz of Course
Sally Hansen: Petal Pusher
Photo frame, iPhone case, pig socks
So much Hello Kitty xD Some college gear from a friend's school. The Hello Kitty one is so cute<3 I thought she stole the shirt from a bear and put it on Hello Kitty or something.
More college-y stuff. A Boston University teddy bear.

New England Aquarium shot glass; another one to my collection ;)

I actually got the same gift last year :X Ehh.. Doesn't hurt to have more, right?
I'm not sure what the other thing is, but I found it in my bag the same night as my birthday party (and I stuffed some of my gifts in there) so if you gave it to me, let me know?

Scratch tickets !! I won $5 from these. I have two more (not pictured) where I won $2 lol

Anyways, that's all I have :X It's like two weeks late, but oh well. 

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  1. I love your hair color!! I'm thinking about coloring my hair too.. Anyhoo, happy late birthday! All of your food pictures make me so hungry.. even though I don't really like seafood (don't kill me! lol) Glad you had a great birthday week celebration~ ^^