Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Milky Blue Pastel

It's been a month since my last nail post. I stopped by a Walmart during my Maine trip for some bug spray and remembered to check out the nail polish hoping to find Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional, and found the polishes on the wall :D I couldn't find any in the Walmart nearby. 
Hard Candy Sweet Tooth (1 coat) over Revlon Blue Lagoon (2-3 coats) + Seche
(Excuse the mess from the application..I'm no good at cleaning up, so I don't bother ^^;)

I didn't want my nails to be overwhelming with glitter, so I used a light blue base and added one coat of Sweet Tooth. It seemed a bit thick, but overall I didn't have an issue with it. No need to fish for glitter either. 


  1. This is so pretty! I love the shades of blue and pink glitter. I would so buy this polish but Hard Candy polishes aren't available in Australia :(

    1. Ah, but Australia has a lot of nice polishes too that I can't get in the USA! I know piCture pOlish is based in Australia

  2. This is a very pretty milky glitter ♥