Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sick Again :(

For the 3-4th time this year I'm miserable from being sick. It started last Sunday when I felt like something coming and then Monday night or something was when it started getting worse. I had a high fever until Wednesday and a really bad sore throat. It would hurt a lot to swallow and drinking tea (w/honey) and taking Tylenol didn't work. But I did find out that I only took one pill instead of two, so that might be why. So I switched to Ibuprofen and that made the pain go away a bit. Thursday it was getting better, with a slight fever and I started coughing. The sore throat was still there but a little better. 

I went to the doctors and she said it was probably just a virus. For now it's just coughing and occasional coughing fits as well as a sore throat, which I've been taking painkillers for. It's not that bad compared to before but still can't stand the pain. 

I hope I get better soon :( Going to Maine next weekend, so I want to get better by then D:

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