Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Boredom: Goals

I still don't have a summer job :( I interviewed for one on Monday, but already got rejected cry I'm like super broke too because I stopped working last month, but I haven't completely stopped spending money (though I did briefly ban myself from food) so I've managed to rack up some credit card debt and don't quite have enough to pay it all off D: 

I have nothing to do all summer, as of now, so I guess I'll make some goals or just things to do in general. 
1. Study Chinese: I don't think I'll be able to take Chinese in school because I have too many other classes that I have to take, so I want to study a bit on my own ^^;; I have a long way to go
2. Do something fitness related: I think it's bold for me to say that I'll go to the gym (because we all know that's not going to happen) but I don't know, maybe if I can actually go out for a jog (even if it's for like 15 minutes, which barely counts) or some light workout on my own then that's better than nothing.
3. Apply to a few more jobs: I haven't been too active in applying for jobs, so I can't really complain about not having anything. I did apply to a few, but not enough. Once I have and still not get any offers, at least I'd a reason to complain about not having anything and at the same time feel like shit for not being good enough.
4. Travel: Uh this kinda involves money though so it could be harder to achieve, but I'm hoping to be able to travel somewhere since I feel like I haven't gotten around to many places compared to a lot of other people
5. Take some photos: I'm nowhere close to an avid photographer; I mostly snap pictures of my food (because I'm Asian, duh) but occasionally if there's a scenic view, I do take pictures and hope for a nice one that I can print out. I only have a few of those and even then I lost the digital copies of them already, so I can't really show them. But I'm hoping for at least 2-3 new ones. 
6. Nail designs: In the beginning, I was more enthusiastic with nail designs (even though they were bad) and lately I've only been doing plain manicures or glitter at most, so I'm hoping to do something beyond that. I'm really lazy about it though, so I'm aiming for three at the very least.

This is all I can think of for now ^^;; I'll keep you guys updated; wish me luck D:

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