Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Journey to Become an Expert Bargainer

The agenda of the day was to visit Han City (Fake Market) for rain boots and the fabric market. 

小笼包 and shrimp wontons for lunch. 20¥ for this, which I thought wasn't too worth it since you can get a bigger, more filling meal with that amount of money. But it was still good. 

On our way to the train station, we passed by this shoe shop, so we went in and I ended up buying these for 39¥, which is pretty cheap. I just hope it lasts for the semester and won't be too uncomfortable. It's slight uncomfortable now trying to break into it because I had wide feet :(

So..Han City is at 580 Nanjing Rd (W), but we made a mistake and couldn't check to confirm, but we thought it was East, so we walked down one direction and after 20 minutes, we were in an unfamiliar place (since we were there two days before) so we walked back towards the starting point, and I think halfway back we walked back again before going back to the starting point, only to walked the other direction, but we ended up at the Bund, which wasn't right either, so we walked back again. 

Then we finally went to this tourist center and asked. Turns out where we stopped and turned back the first time was pretty much where we had to be, but we didn't cross the road we were supposed to (and it was less than a 5 minute walk from there. But had we gotten off at the right station, it was also within a five minute walk and we wouldn't have had to walk around back and forth so much. 

We finally reached there around 6:00PM and we had left the apartment around 1:45PM..

Anyways, we were already pretty familiar with how everything is, so we tried our best to haggle our way D: I think we got everything for a pretty standard price, though maybe we coulda done better. 

Han City has a bunch of handbags, luggage totes, scarves, shoes, electronic accessories, clothing (traditional and modern), sunglasses, glasses (they can do prescriptions there and then too), etc. Haggling is a must and if you walk away, vendors normally chase after you offering a lower price. Even if they don't chase after you or give you a price you set, another vendor might. For example, the lowest I was able to get a laptop case was 30¥, but some vendors pretty much make 50¥+ as the final deal and I just walked away because the last time I was there, I knew I could get it for less than that. Not to mention, since stalls have practically the same thing, if you can't get it one place, you can definitely get it at another. Even though I do believe that all the vendors work together to some extent. 
Macbook Air cover 30¥
Harajuku Lovers backpack 115¥
Hunter Boots 125¥

Can't comment on the quality of the stuff yet, but hopefully it's decent. Was kind of iffy about buying knockoffs, but with the bag, I wanted a cute one for class and it was pretty hard to find one that wasn't plain and the boots.. I really just needed rain boots and the price wasn't too bad. Couldn't really find any rain boots elsewhere. I wonder legit it looks though o_O

It was a fun experience. Ended the night at a local bar. My drink tastes just like juice though.

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