Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beijing: Weird/Frustrating Train Ride

November 28-29, 2014
I went straight from work to the railway station to take an overnight (11 hrs 45 mins) train to Beijing. On the train, I encountered these Vietnamese students and their Chinese was so good :0 I thought they were locals x.x;;; And what sucks is that they've only been studying it for one year and it's way better than mine.

It was 553 yuan for a second class seat, which ended up just being a soft sleeper for three people to sit on. It was just my friend and I on it so we were able to sleep on it fortunately. 

Weird story to tell.... when we got into our compartment (compartments have two bunks, 4 beds in total) with the sleepers, there was a girl laying down on the top bunk. My friend and I each sat on the bottom bunks opposite of each other. Five minutes later, that girl comes down and decides to sit on the one corner of the bottom bunk I was sitting on (I was at the other corner). Which is so weird cuz she had the entire bed to herself up there, so why is she sitting on mine?!? Then a minute or two later, she decides to lay down while I was still sitting down WTF. With her feet/legs behind me cuz I was sitting near the edge. I don't understand why anyone would do such an awful thing. Being the baddie that I am, as soon as she sat up during the ticket check, I sat in so she wouldn't be able to lay back down. Hah, take that. But then a minute after, she went back up to her top bunk. Wtf woman.

Okay, so we switched compartments with those Vietnamese students because their friends were placed in ours. In the middle of the night at 5:30AM, the rando guys in the other seats started talking at normal volume and woke me up T__T They knew we were waking up too, but they kept talking anyways. I was debating hard whether to call them out for it or not cuz on one hand...if they're bored, then I can't do anything about it and it's technically still public space....they're just rude and inconsiderate. 

I eventually fell asleep, until they started talking loudly at 7:30AM. So I sat up for a bit and one of them was like, "Oh, we woke her up. -proceeds to talk loudly to his friends" wtf no shit you did. And he made another comment, but I wasn't really paying attention to it but then I heard his friend say, "She understands Chinese, you know." whaat. >:(

We finally got off around 8:40AM and it was so chilly in Beijing :(

Okay, I'll cut this post short because I feel like if I kept going, then the post will be too long. 

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