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Hong Kong: Street Markets (Lady's Street, Mongkong, Temple Street)

October 5, 2014
First thing we did in the morning was have dimsum. I wanted to go out into the city for it but we ended up going to 二宜楼 instead. I dunno, maybe it's just me not distinguishing my foods that much, but it tasted like any other dimsum place to me. 
 It was so cool how their 奶黄包 (yellow custard steamed bun) is actual egg yolk and it's melty O_O I'm used to that sweet yellow custard.
Nasty veggie dish that costs more than the other dishes too
Next we took the train to 太子 (Prince Edward) and walked around Lady’s Street and Mongkok. It’s like the street stalls where you had to bargain or stuffs. It’s been a while since I’ve done it and I didn’t know the price point of stuff in Hong Kong so I felt like I probs got ripped off for the bag I bought fml. I also bought a bracelet hehe. 
Street of the protestors? It was blocked off but it was also empty, so I was kind of confused as to whether the protestors actually come here and if not why is it blocked off.

We then walked to Temple Street for the street market there but it turns out that it wasn’t open til night time… >:(
So we went to Golden Computer Arcade. SO crowded inside O_O Like the place was packed with people + it was quite narrow in the first place. Things are kinda okay priced, but I feel like I can get stuff online for cheaper. They had keyboards, screen covers, computers, accessories, games, etc. I dunno how legitimate the things are, but probably enough if it’s such a popular place. 

Before going to the next place, we were standing outside of the station eating our food and just kinda chilling. My cousin told me that this woman was like glaring at us for trying to steal her business WTF. Apparently prostitution is quite common in Hong after my cousin told us about that, I couldn't help but think this girl or that girl was a prostitute and every other man who stood on the streets scoping out girls were probably looking for prostitutes wtf. I don't mean this to be ignorant, but it's just one of those things that were pointed out and I started noticing. It doesn't mean I actually did think 
Next was Tsim Sha Tsui. We got there at like 6:30PM, so quite early for the night show at 8:00PM and we actually waited until then too. I was the only one who’s never seen it before so I felt bad for dragging Cory and my cousin along and wait for that time too because they both seemed bored out of their mind and they weren’t talking either. Awk. 

Avenue of the Stars. Sorry, Li Li Hua, I didn't know who you were...until I Googled just now...
It was less impressive than I had thought because I was expecting something super, super grand :X It was just music and lights flashing here and there. Dunno if it was worth the wait ><;;;;

We went to Temple Street afterwards since it shoulda been open by now. I told my cousin to go back first because she seemed super tired. On our walk to Temple Street, we stopped by at this seemingly famous 鸡蛋子 place but it was quite disappointing. The shell was crispy, but the inside was empty WTF >:( I dunno why they're famous for serving empty 鸡蛋子 and they're more expensive than other places too! Maybe that's what's make them good? But I like my inside to be nice and fluffy.
Ok ok so Temple Street wasn’t that interesting either. I bought a pack of film for my polaroid for Hk$60, which was the cheapest that I could find anywhere. Also saw prostitutes on the streets/corners eehh. Fml because the one I noticed was like wearing a black scoopneck and shorts (?) and it was similar to what I was wearing T_T I just remember that I was wearing a similar black scoopneck sobsss.

Super tiring day, not really the most interesting either even though it seemed like I did a lot. Next post is on Disneyland ^^ Until next time!

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