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Hong Kong: Alone at Disneyland

October 6, 2014
I don’t think it’s really a big deal for people to travel or go to these types of places alone, but it’s typically out of my comfort zone. I had the day to myself because Cory went to go see the Big Buddha and she was going to Disneyland later, but I didn’t know when and neither of us had working phones/Internet. I debating at first on maybe just going to Mongkok again, but that seemed kind of boring. Couldn’t really think of anything else to do in Hong Kong. It’s one of the top places that I’ve wanted to visit, but when I got there, I had no idea what I wanted to do there either.

So anyways, to go alone or not? Fuck it, just go. Ok ok, so I went. This is kind of the first time I've really stepped out of my comfort zone to go somewhere alone. Not that I need someone to go with me every single place, but for these types of occasions, I've never really thought about going by myself. 

Wells, that's it for the reflections. Prepare yourself for my super detailed itinerary because I guess I had nothing else better to do while I was there or something. If you wanna know what I did exactly at Disneyland, I guess just keep reading, or at least scroll for lots of photos.

It’s actually pretty weird now that I’m looking over it again because it’s questionably detailed with the times, but I’ll put it up anyways just for…records sake. It was originally done just to keep track of how long it took to wait for each ride, what I thought of it, and how long it lasted. It wasn’t particularly crowded that day because I didn’t really have to wait that long for any of the rides.
Kind of funny and weird, but there was some girl that I saw the day before on the train and I noticed her because her outfit reminded me of Minnie Mouse. At the station, I saw the same girl in the same outfit that day O_O While going through my photos I just realized it's that girl in the red...I don't think I took this photo intentionally to get her.
1:00PM-2:00PM One hour MTR ride to the Disneyland Stop. It was a lot faster than I thought because I was expecting it to be two hours away. It was also only $3, so something around HK$21-25. 

Disneyland is right outside the station, maybe like a three minute to the actual entrance. Tickets were HK $450 (~US$58). I cry.

2:20PM Animation Academy
 I learned how to draw Winnie the Pooh. I was hoping to be able to do more than just a sketch, but it was still nice. Lasted 7 minutes.

I think this couple got engaged here lol.

3:00PM Flights of Fantasy

Waited until 3:15 or so for it to actually reach where I was. It’s basically like a parade and it was cool with all the characters. I like how the performers smiled all the time versus some places they look like they just hate their job so much. Kind of weird because I found out when I got home that Cory was basically like… 20 feet away from me watching the parade too near where I was. Feels like a Korean drama where you miss each other even while being at the same place, fol.


3:30PM Tarzan's Treehouse
In the water was this elephant thing, and I overhead someone saying that it’s obviously fake, but fml because I thought it was real.
Rode a raft for literally 5 seconds to go to the “island” after waiting 5-10 minutes. It was just a giant tree house where you walk up and then down. 

4:20PM Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car
Oh hi there
Less than 10 minutes of wait. Waited for the next one to sit in front. Fun but it was a small ride. The little girl sitting next to me was screaming loool.

Oh yeah, while waiting for this ride, my leg was really itchy from bug bites, so I whipped out my 白花油 and rubbed it on, and people were giving me a disgusted face because of the smell fml.

4:40PM Mystic Manor 
It was a simulated tour/semi roller coaster. It was very fun, but similar to what I've done before in the California Disneyland. I recommend this though.

5:00PM Fort Emery
 The ride goes up and down slowly in parachute seats. The ride itself was very slow but still gave me the jitters that felt like I wanted to pee.

5:15PM RC Racer
Almost thought it was a self walk racetrack, while walking to the track. The wait was 15 minutes and it was fun while it lasted.  
Creepy baby


6:00PM Philhar Magic
At this time, I was worried that it'll get late and dark, so my photos for the rest of the park won't turn out as nicely. It is a simulated short film with wind, scent and water. 

By the time I finished it, it did get dark outside :( But the castle looked pretty lit up! See the difference between phone and camera quality?! Wah.

6:30 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Not sure if this ride is popular or it's or maybe the park just got more crowded. Waited 20 minutes for a three minute ride. It was too rated G for me.

7:00 Another parade similar to the Flights of Fantasy
It lasted for 15 minutes and it was really pretty because of the lights. After it was over, the entire street was dark and hard to walk through ><

7:30PM It's a Small World
 Practically no wait. It's a 5 minute boat ride. For OCD reasons...I ended up riding this twice.

8:00 Space Mountain
It was a very fast, dark stroller coaster ride. It reminded me of a planetarium because you could only see the "stars" surrounding you. Another ride that I recommend because it was fun. 

8:11 Autopia
8 minutes wait. Lasted for 5 mins. It's one of those rides where you get to drive around the race track. I also remember something like this in California, but I don't remember if we actually did it or not (something tells me that we didn't). It was very bumpy, but I think it's only because I'm a bad driver.

Got off of Autopia and rused to the fireworks because it was starting at 8:30PM!
It was very pretty (despite my shitty photos) but also really crowded. I got a decent view of the whole thing, except this tall pole thing blocked my view for pictures :(

Did some last minute shopping for souvenirs that I didn't get a chance to buy before because I didn't want to carry it everywhere. I headed towards home after this. So that concludes Disneyland!!

But my night hasn't ended yet..!
I actually got off at Mongkok to look for Dollywink lashes cuz I found it to be cheap in Bonjour (HK$59) but didn't really find much. It was also around this time that I finally saw protestors! They were just sitting there and that's it. So there was a reason for the streets to be blocked off, but I guess it's just empty during the day.
I didn't eat all day aside from the instant noodles that my cousin made me in the morning. So I stopped by a local restaurant and ordered a plate of beef rice for HK$30, and it was pretty disappointing... 

Phew, the dreaded post is finally over because of all the photos D: Until next time!

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