Monday, May 4, 2015

Where Would You Live?

So previously I kept badgering my brother to see if I could stay with him over the summer but he never gave me a straight "no" because there was the possibility of him not living there anymore. So finally we settled it that I won't be able to live with him and I asked my cousin if I could stay with him. But then my mom called me earlier and told me that he probably won't be moving any time too soon and agreed to let me stay with him, but... I dunno. There's pros and cons for each living situation.

1) Brother
- 20 minute commute to work
- Convenience to everywhere

- I'll be a bum in the living room; won't have my own room
- There will be a total of 5 people including me
- Feels super imposing

2) Cousin
- Own room
- Just two of us

- One hour commute to work

So now I dunno :( It mostly comes down to the commute vs. living space (room). I'm a terrible person at waking up early, so that's why I'm worried about the commute.

I told my mom..WHY NOT HAVE BOTH? And switch around when I'm lazy. But she just laughed at me. 

Have lots of posts backed up, but since I don't have my own laptop back yet I haven't been able to upload photos with them.

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