Friday, April 13, 2012

Festive Glitter nails

I received my OPI Nail Envy yesterday, so I went ahead and did my nails again :) I probably won't be able to notice the effects so soon, especially while my nails are short, but I'm crossing my fingers for it to work!
Base color: Sugar Sugar 839 || Glitter: Jordana Sequins 08
I wanted something festive and happy since it was my bf's birthday :D I didn't plan on using a red base, but as you can see, the glitter polish has a lot of small red glitter, so it's kind of hard to match it with another base color without looking out of place. After applying the top coat, it seems almost as if it was like a jelly polish :)

I'll end the post with a bit of food..haven't in a while! I didn't get to take many pics of the food because it was scattered around, soo yeah.
 Pork bulgogi?
Cutting the mango mousse cake! :)

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