Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe Mist (Brume)

Since the Liquid Crystal kept chipping, it was time for a change. I decided to use a polish that I bought in Canada. Joe in Mist (Brume)
It's a milky green color. It's very beautiful! Initially it seemed really sheer, but after two coats it was starting to get more opaque, but a third coat was definitely needed.
 I would definitely get more next time I'm in Canada or if I spot it anywhere else! I got mine for $4 at Loblaws. I think it was 3 for $10, but I didn't get more because I didn't know how it would turn out, but too late to regret it now :P


  1. It looks silver rather than green to me xD

    1. Haha yeah sorta. I guess the lighting was sorta too bright, so my camera couldn't capture the color well xD That or my camera just sucks with colors :(

  2. Oh, that colour is gorgeous! I really want to try it! Your nails are also really long I'm kinda jealous.

    Too me it looks like a extremely pale green but I can see the silver in there.