Monday, April 9, 2012

Guilty of More Shopping

There were a lot of Easter sales going on in the malls and online! I swear once I start, I can't stop x__x
A&F and Hollister had 40% off everything including clearance. They usually have additional markdowns from clearance, but I can never find anything good. Yesterday I went to the mall to see what they have.
Abercrombie & Fitch Woven shorts $12.90 $7.74
I thought these shorts were very cute and better yet they were pretty cheap! There was another color that I liked better, but it didn't have my size :( I think these would look nice with tights/leggings.
Hollister knit shirt $15.90 $9.54
New York & Company had 50% everything and I needed some more work clothes, so I decided to look around. I saw a few tops that I liked, but when I tried them on, they didn't look as nice on me.

I swear this top looks way cuter in person. It looks a bit scrunched up in the modeled pic, but I just didn't pull it down enough when I took the pic lol
I forgot whose blog it was that I saw Urban Outfitters had their Paint Palettes on sale for $4.99 from $20, so score! :) None of the colors have names though.

Today I went to CVS/Rite Aid and bought a bunch of stuff. I think Rite Aid just opened up at that location, so they had really nice deals.
CVS: Pantene Shampoo Ice Shine & Aqua Light 2/$6.97 - $6 extra bucks = $0.97+tax
I only know that these shampoo doesn't have silicon soo that should be a good thing. There weren't that many reviews online, so I guess I'd have to be the judge myself.
Rite Aid: Aussie 2/$4 I've used the 3 minute miracle before and it was pretty good, so for $2, why not? I haven't used the hair insurance before, but I'm guilty of grabbing cheap leave in conditioners/deep conditioning products all the time.
Nail polish remover were buy one get one free and I was running out. 

Bought a few more things online at Hollister...
Hidden Hills (white) $9.54
Boneyard Beach (cream pattern) $7.74
Capistrano (light green) $7.74
I saw sleeping shorts at Gilly Hicks yesterday, but stopped myself from buying it because I felt like I could get something similar but cheaper, even though the material was really nice and soft! So I bought this to make up for it, even though it probably won't be the same material.
 Old Town (dark heather gray) $9.54
Tights (dark gray) $5.34
I hope these will fit me!

Okay, I swear that's the end of it for now..the shopping ban has been working up until this point lol...but I'll probably find some excuse sooner or later and buy more again.. at least for the rest of this month, I should restrain myself. I have a few things I wanted to order from Forever21, but... :(

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