Saturday, April 7, 2012

Huge Online Shopping Haul!

I haven't been clothes shopping since that haul from like January! It's been so long, but it feels so good....watching the money deplete from my bank account T__T

For Easter, American Eagle is offering free shipping + 25% off everything (code: 29781571) as well as buy one get one 50% off, so I took the liberty to order a few things :3
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Aerie Pretty Corset Dress $22.49
It's a very pretty color! Some reviews said the straps were too long, so I ordered a size down and my usual size so I can choose whichever one that fits. I like how it looks online, soo I'm hoping it'll be a keeper :3
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AE Flared Jersey Cardigan $7.50
I love the frilly detailing on the bottom!
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AE Embroidered Boho Top $14.99
I thought this was sorta cute, so I ordered it. I might end up returning it depending how it looks on me though because I'm not really sure how much I'll like it in person.

Charlotte Russe
They had a 25% off skirts, and I saw some that seemed work appropriate so I ordered a few. I don't really have any bottoms for business casual clothing, so I definitely needed these!
Retro Sailor Pencil Skirt $19.31
This one was my favorite, I love the button details!
Textured Pull-On Pencil Skirt $11.12
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Millennium Stretch Pencil Skirt $11.12
So while I was browsing the skirts, I saw multiple of the same looking skirt but it had different item numbers, and two of them even had the same stock photo! So I just chose a random one and ordered...turns out that this isn't white but it's silver... just realized it, so I'll probably return it if it doesn't look good.
Millennium Stretch Pencil Skirt $11.12
Belted Faux-Suede Flat Boot $16.04
Total was $66.21 but most of them are worthy investments and work clothes are necessities.
Floral Pleat Front Dress
I don't have any dresses for the summer, so this is another one I ordered! 
Lola Bow Ankle Boot $14.99
I might have trouble pairing this with bottoms, but hopefully it works out! 
Steve Madden Kortship Flat $9.99
I only have one other pair of flats and when I saw these for only $9.99, I had to get it! I don't have much purple, so hoping to fill my wardrobe with more purple :D
Tie-Waist Peacoat $12.99 
Basic peacoat for a chilly spring-summer day.
Total came out to be $57.96 + $8.50 shipping - $20 coupon = $46.46

Total damage was $180.14, but I'm expecting some returns if that makes it any better!! Maybe I can treat it as an early birthday present to myself or something. Was really hoping to treat myself to a flat iron or a handbag, oh well.
I'll be sure to post reviews/pics when I receive the packages!


  1. So much clothesss. I saw the 25 percent off skirts but was not sure if i wanted to get anything xD I have so much clothes.

    1. This is like your week's worth of clothes xD