Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After Holiday Sales

One of my favorite things about holidays is the sales that come right afterwards :D It also means wasting money on things that I don't even need though. I know that the things will be marked down even more eventually, but what if the things I want aren't going to be there anymore?? Then again if they are, I'll just be sad about not getting a better deal :P
I scored each of these for $1.00 or less (except for the Kisses) and everything was 50-90% off the retail price.
Mailboxes for $1.00 at Target
These will be useful in the future for DIY projects :) Right now they're just lying around on my floor, but I swear I'll have a use for them later :X It was hard finding ones without dents and scratches. 

I was also looking for this Taylor Swift gift set because I wanted the perfume lol. I wanna collect them in every size :x It was 50% off for $9.99.. I swear it's going to be $4.99 in a few days -__- I also came across a Burberry Brit mini perfume for $6.49. I already got one for Christmas and I don't need another one, but somehow I just couldn't pass it up :O
Taylor Swift gift set | Burberry Brit mini

 I haven't had a chance to go shopping for clothes yet and somehow I just don't feel like it, even though I want more clothes :0

Well until next time :D


  1. I love after Christmas sales too :)
    the mailboxes are adorable!


  2. So nice and cheap :)