Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Delia's Pink Holo Polish

I picked up a holiday set over the weekend because I was interested in two of the holo polishes. Today I have one of them to show you :) I actually ended up buying two sets because I just wanted to have extras in case the minis weren't enough xD
Two coats + top coat
Even though the holo was very obvious in real life (except for when it's too dim/dark), but it was hard to capture unless I was in the right lighting.
Here's with flash.

Application: Surprisingly the application went really well. I was worried that it would be terrible (especially since I bought two sets) but I had no problem with it. I think one coat would've been enough, but I did two out of habit and didn't realize until after I did one hand that it didn't even make a difference.

Color: It's like a pale/dusty pink. The holo is really linear, something I wouldn't expect to find at Delia's. The holo is obvious even when you're indoors and very nice to just look at.

Overall: I'm happy with the color and application, but it did start chipping. I applied it two nights ago and it was fine all day but when I got back to my dorm I noticed a third of one of my nails chipped off, so I look at my other nails and half of them were already chipping off. Another thing I noticed was that my nails are peeling again and I suspect the polish has something to do with it because I haven't had that problem in a while and it just happened as soon as I used this polish and it's multiple nails splitting. 

It's a love-hate polish. I can't decide if I'll use it again because it's not worth splitting all my nails and it chips so easily. 

I knew I should've brought my buffer with me when I was packing to move back into my dorm -__- split nails bother me a lot so I tend to peel off the top layer, but I don't have my buffer to smooth out my nail where it did split.


  1. OMG! Gorgeous holo! Is this nail polish from a pack of 4 minis? I saw two sets online, one is called union jack and the other holiday. The holiday one has a glitter color and doesn't look holo :'(

    1. Mine came in a pack of 4 minis. I can't view the photos online for some reason, so I can't say for sure if it's the same one, but my pack was labeled as holiday. It came with a black, glitter, pink, and purple. The last two are the holos!