Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Snowboarding Trip of 2013!

I went to Pats Peak this Saturday to go snowboarding. It was $39 for both lift and rentals, pretty good deal :) Last time I went was Killington last December and it wasn't that fun because the trails I went on were pretty flat. This is my 9th time snowboarding and I still snowboard like a noob. 
I mostly went on the greens and even then I fell a good number of times. I'm too afraid of going fast, so I can't snowboard straight and slow down too much :T And I always end of swerving to the side, so then I get stuck LOL.
Food :o We should've brought our own food, but didn't. The fries were yummy though and they had this GIANT cookie and it was only $2.50 :o

I'm so sore right now. My shoulders, neck, and butt hurts. I haven't found any bruises yet though. I wish I could snowboard like before :( Not that I was great or anything, but definitely didn't fall as much and didn't have to make so many stops.

I went out for ramen and bowling the next day :D I've been craving for ramen from this place for a while now, but just never had the chance to go. Their noodles are my favorite :)
Curry ramen

I also played candlepins for the first time. I didn't have much of beginner's luck, but I think I still did pretty decently :)
Can you guess which one I am?

Anyways, until next time :D

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