Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zoya: Aurora

This holiday, there has been a lot of buzz about Zoya's Aurora from their Ornate collection. After seeing swatches of it, I was convinced that I had to have it too :o Plus there was a lot of flash promos going on at this time, so it worked out perfectly :) I was only able to snag a free Gilty out of all the flash promos that they had. 

Right now they're running a promo for 3 free polishes + $10 shipping. I want to make my purchase too, but I ran out of Zoya polishes that I want after the Dream Boxes that I ordered. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of Storm from their Ornate collection for one of them. It's pretty, but somewhat plain and I'm not a big fan of black polishes. 
Zoya Aurora (3 coats) + topcoat
I did adjust the color a bit to reflect the color irl.

Application: I had no troubles with applying this polish. It went on smoothly and it wasn't streaky or anything. You might be able to get away with two coats, but some of my nails still had patches, so I just went with three coats. Dry time was pretty good as well. 

Color: Aurora has a plum-colored based and is very dense with fine holographic glitters. What makes the polish stand out is definitely how much it sparkles from the glitter. It's not a linear holo though.

Here are additional some shots I took with my camera. The color does not reflect how it looks in person. As I mentioned, it's a plum base, not purple. These photos can show you the intensity of the glitter.

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