Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Orly: Nail Repair Nail Rescue

Soo I've heard of this Orly nail repair kit before as well as other methods like silk wraps, but I've never tried any of them. I usually just cut my nail down when they break because it's easier, but I hate having short nails. My thumb nail broke last week, so I finally got the kit at Sally Beauty to try it out. They're running a buy one get one free promo this month, if you're planning on getting it. I didn't realize it until afterwards so I had to go back to get my other one :X I missed the 50% off clearance last week and I found so many nice polishes on clearance, so sad :(

The kit comes with:
- Nail glue 
- Nail repair powder
- Nail buffer

Cost: ★★★★☆
It's $7.99 for the kit, so it's not too pricey.

Application: ★★★★☆
All you have to do is just brush on the nail glue onto the part that's broken and then dip it onto the powder. After it dries, you buffer it down. The buffering is sort of a hassle, but maybe I'm just bad at it.

Effects: ★★★★☆
It works well to cover up the broken nail, but I still have to be careful with it because it's just a layer holding it together afterall.

Overall: ★★★☆☆
Despite how it works, it doesn't do wonders. The same spot broke again after four days and I reapplied it and it broke by the end of the night again. It works, but you just have to be really careful. The first time I wasn't even rough on my nails either. Still, it beats cutting down my nail. 

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