Monday, April 15, 2013

All Set For Fall Semester (Hopefully)

I finally figured out my fall schedule next year ^^

My registration date was yesterday, but since I'm in this accelerated program, we had to turn in forms for certain classes just to make sure that we do get the class, I guess, or something I dunno. Before that I figured out a schedule that I LOVED, but one class got filled up by upperclassmen, so it messed EVERYTHING up. I ended up with 8AM's, which I swore not to have. And the new schedule conflicted with my work time, so I can't work anymore. I also couldn't take my macroeconomics class with the professor that I wanted and I kinda need it done. 

To make things worse, on the day of I forgot all about registration. I had the 10:30AM time slot, but I didn't even wake up until 2:30PM and saw multiple texts asking my about my schedule. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have known. When I did log in to sign up for the rest of my classes, the law class I wanted was all filled up (all of them actually) and it was just stressful trying to figure things out because there's only so many classes I can take (because there's a lot of pre-requisites that I have to fulfill before I can take all my courses) and they're either all full or the time conflicts.

But long story short!! I got everything done. It's not the schedule I want at all, but it works. I got three 8AMs, I can't work my normal days, but I'll be taking some interesting classes that I wasn't expecting to take so soon, since I had to shift around some things. I got my Mondays off too :)

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