Thursday, April 11, 2013

Urban Outfitters: Lollipop

Hi! I passed by Urban Outfitters the other day so I dropped by because I had a few minutes to spare and found Lollipop on clearance. All the glitter reminded me of an indie polish, so I wanted to get it. Can you believe it's been three months since my last nail post?

Urban Outfitters Glitter (three coats+top coat)

Application: Lollipop was very easy to apply! Just shake it up and you'll be sure to grab a lot of glitter on your brush. You need to shake it to get the hex glitters though. The intensity of the glitter builds up with every coat, so if you don't want a lot of glitter like mine (three coats) then just do one coat over a base color because you'll actually need three coats for the pink to be opaque. I had no problems with streaking or anything. 
Color: It's a bubble gum pink with a variety of small blue, green, red, silver, and gold glitters and larger hex glitters. The pink in my photos is slightly lighter than what it is in person.
Overall: I'm very happy with this polish :D I'm actually tempted to go get an extra or something. It started chipping after a few days but most of my nails are still in tact. 

My nails are starting to grow out again, so I don't have to hide them as much anymore :P So until next time!

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  1. I really like milky glitter nail polishes, they remind me of candies :D